10 beloved games that do not deserve their bad reviews

Like all art forms, video games are totally subjective. What one person or critic may love, and another may hate. Of course, there is a spectrum when it comes to subjectivity. For example, most people will agree on this The last of us is a fantastic game, in the same way that most people will agree that, for example, Ride to Hell: Retribution it’s bad.

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But there is a lot of fun and murky subjectivity in the middle. A game that has received poor or mediocre reviews has perhaps been viewed more positively by the general public, who were perhaps more willing than critics to overlook flaws. Here are some of these games.

10 Days Gone (2019)

deacon days in the snow

The zombie genre may have been oversaturated in recent years, however Gone are the days it’s a breath of fresh air. The game serves as a typical open world experience with the unique element of zombie hordes. These hordes come together and attack the player by the hundreds, ensuring a white knuckle and a breathless experience.

Unfortunately, the game was not a critical success, resulting in a relatively low 71 on Metacritic. However, the overall players were much more receptive, as evidenced by their 8.3 user score.

9 Moving Out (2020)

Moving Out Bridge

Go away it’s the little game I could. Players control a “Read-mover” technician who helps people get out of the house. Players are forced to avoid obstacles along the way, ensuring an experience similar to 80s coin-based arcade games.

It’s a lot of fun, especially in cooperative mode, and shows nostalgia for a simpler kind of genre. It garnered mediocre reviews from critics (74 on Metacritic), but a user rating of 8.0 indicates a much more positive reception among general gamers who just want to have fun cheating and fooling around.

8 Dying Light (2015)

Dying light is another zombie title and more evidence of the blatant overexaturation of the genre. I like Days gone by, dying light is an open world game with fast zombies with an intense focus on exploration and craft; only this is in the first person instead of the third.

The only mechanic of Dying light is its parkour system, which allows players to run around the city at incredible speeds and climb their buildings with ease. The game only has a 74 in Metacritic but a user score of 8.0, which once again indicates a more favorable reception with the community at large.

7 Beyond: Two Souls (2015)

Jodie Beyond Two Souls

Known primarily as “that game with Elliot Page”, Beyond two souls is a game created by David Cage of Quantic Dream. Cage is one of the most prominent names in video game storytelling, his unique style based on choice often earning praise for his ambition, scope and themes.

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Not all of his ideas land, but Cage always earns respect for his experimentation. Beyond two souls it did not win the best critique (72 in Metacritic), but its narration is worth experiencing.

6 Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood (2016)

The masked killer

Virtual reality games have not yet been deployed, however Until dawn: Rush of Blood demonstrates a promising vision for the future (although the game was released five years ago). In fact, Rush of Blood it may turn out to be one of the best titles for the PSVR, continuing the beloved Until dawn IP through virtual reality.

Horror is the perfect genre to use virtual reality, placing players directly on the line of fire, so to speak. Rush of Blood it has the right title as it is exactly what players will experience as they play this terrifying but underrated video game.

5 Farpoint (2017)

Released only a year later Rush of Blood, Farpoint is another PSVR exclusive that promises good things for the medium. Farpoint is a science fiction shooter and, although he did not have the immediate influence, as, for example, Hello, is still an excellent title that uses virtual reality to present a fun and compelling first-person experience.

The game only has a 71 on Metacritic but a much more favorable 8.1 user score. Over time, it can be considered a cult classic.

4 Resident Evil: Revelations (2017)

Resident Evil: Revelations

He Resident Evil The series has long been a staple of the game and it looks like every year there is a new entry. In 2017, it was Resident Evil: Revelations, a remake of the HD console of the beloved 3DS games. The title was not well received on PlayStation 4, which resulted in a rather insignificant 70 Metascore.

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Maybe it’s unfairly low. The game serves as a wonderful nostalgia and effortlessly transfers an old handheld video game to modern consoles and audiences. Yes, it’s a bit dated, but it’s to be expected by its very nature.

3 Destroy all humans! (2020)

Destroy All Humans Xbox Game Pass

In 2020 it was launched Destroy all humans!, an update to PS4, Xbox One, Switch and Windows from the original 2005 release. Unfortunately, the game did not receive good reviews, as evidenced by its disappointing 70 Metacritic score.

Critics generally agreed that the game was caught in 2005, minus the updated graphics. Not only that, but it was plagued with unfortunate performance issues and long loading times. That said, the user score of 8.0 indicates that nostalgic fans were more than happy with the result, however obsolete it may be.

2 Mad Max (2015)

mad max video game poster

I like Dying light i Gone are the days, Mad Max It was often criticized for being an open world video game by few numbers with little innovation. Based on the beloved series of films, Mad Max is in a meager 69 in Metacritic, the result of bland revisions that deny the predictability, repetitive nature, and excess abundance of traditional, tired side missions.

To sum up, Mad Max he was nothing but “competent.” Still, it seems that the overall players were more receptive to the game, as evidenced by their favorable score of 7.8 users.

1 Outlast 2 (2017)

Lose 2

The first Lose it was a much-loved horror game that helped popularize the independent horror genre. In the early 2010s it was filled with similar titles and eventually gave way to the indie boom of the late 2010s. Lose demonstrated that video games did not need AAA production values ​​to be effective.

Lose 2 continues everything he did first Lose great, just with a dangerous cult instead of psychotic killers and supernatural entities inside a psychiatric hospital. And yet, people didn’t seem to like him very much.

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