10 shows to see if you liked Rakshasha Street

The popularity of anime only increases thanks to the streaming services that facilitate access to these shows. Rakshasa Street is one of the shows that have made a name for themselves in recent times, with fans connecting to the supernatural genre and the theme of spirits mingling with humans.

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Since there are a finite number of episodes for Rakshasa Street fans, these viewers have been looking for alternatives to binge-watch. The good news is that there are a lot of shows that fans can get their hands on. In addition, they play with the genre in a creative way so that these shows feel both similar and enjoyable. Rakshasa Steet.

10 Natsume’s book of friends

A boy in a white shirt with a cat in his shirt in Natsume's Book of Friends

Takashi Natsume is a boy who has the power to perceive ghosts and spirits. Unfortunately, he has been ostracized as a stranger because of this ability until he learns that he has bequeathed him a book from his dead grandfather that contained the names of the spirits he had caught.

As is the case with Rakshasa Street, this anime also deals with communication with spirits and the threat they could pose. Full of stunning images, Natsume’s book of friends it is rather a mystery-supernatural series, as the main character must figure out how he can free the spirits from his bondage.

9 Bleach

bleach anime fighting scene where two of the main characters fight

Ichigo Kurosaki acquires the powers of Soul Reaper, becoming the defender of humans from bewildered spirits, as well as the shepherd who guides souls to the afterlife. This also leads to a direct conflict with powerful forces trying to upset the system.

This series often sees the main characters venturing into the spirit world, with a lot of exaggerated action to watch. It is much more full of action than Rakshasa Street, But Bleach it also brings several dramatic arcs to balance it all. The series should easily meet the three-episode rule for most anime fans.

8 Hell Girl

When certain people have had enough of the ones they despise, they choose to contact the Hell Correspondence website that puts Hell Girl in the target match. This means that both the victim and the person hiring have to deal with the consequences of being sent to Hell.

Hell Girl is one of the few anime that challenges genre troops by making the title character something he’s really scared of. The series progresses over the seasons to become a supernatural thriller as more characters are introduced. Rakshasa Street fans will enjoy this subversion of the supernatural genre, especially because of the emotions it entails.

7 The king’s avatar

A young man looks from his computer with headphones at The King's Avatar

Ye Xiu, considered the best sports player in the game Gloria, is kicked for failing to meet developer standards. With the goal of redeeming himself, he starts the game from scratch to get back in the ranks to become champion.

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The “spirits” in question here are the avatars of the game, such as The king’s avatar takes place largely in this virtual world. Rakshasa Street viewers will be fascinated by the variation this anime provides, as it takes place in the same genre, but employs a creative twist of characters who find reality in a virtual environment.

6 The unparalleled black and white (Heibai Wushang)

A boy with devil horns is trapped in tentacles in Heibai Wushang

Two young demons work in an organization whose main goal is to balance the living and spiritual world by killing humans who interfere with their practice. However, the lazy nature of the main characters ends up causing more problems than they are worth and they have to struggle to fix their own mistakes.

The series is a mix of comedy and action-adventure, with a first set of episodes of a lighter nature, after which things take a different turn. Rakshasa Street fans will find the creative premise appealing, as the series stands firmly from the point of view of demons.

5 Wangpai Yushi

A boy in a suit radiates energy to Wangpai Yushi

The system of the world is destroyed as humans and monsters come together to coexist. To maintain the new normal right, the main characters must fight monsters that try to threaten everyone’s existence.

In this series, the spirit world is the world itself, as everything is outdoors. Instead of containing a general mystery, this show sees the characters knowing who their enemies are and fighting them in the name of good.

4 Blue exorcist

exorcist blue cover

Rin Okumura learns that he is actually the son of Satan and that he has inherited the powers of his devilish father. In order to stop Satan’s bet on power, Rin joins the True Cross Academy to learn how to be an exorcist with the mission of being powerful enough to fight his own father.

Rakshasa Street viewers are used to having an experience divided between the human world and the spirit, but the main character in this anime offers them the best of both worlds. Limited serial execution allows Blue exorcist to tell his story in a quick and satisfying way, with the show benefiting from the likeable main character.

3 The legend of the ancient soul (Shen Qi Huan Qi Tan)

A girl with red eyes smiles at Shen Qi Huan Qi Tan

Before sealing the old gods a long time ago, they stored their essences in HuaXia clan artifacts. Today, these artifacts awaken and introduce the souls of the gods into clan members as they all seek to coexist.

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It is much more serious than Rakshasa Street, but this anime offers a mature insight into the dark fantasy genre. The series also includes enough supernatural action to keep viewers captivated, with a lot of attention to the quality of the characters.

2 The Devil Ring (Jie Mo Ren)

A girl reacts shocked while a boy holds her to Jie Mo Ren

Zhou Xiaoan is in love with the shock of his life when he puts on a mysterious ring when the devil seizes him. Zhou then takes a roller coaster adventure, facing the dead and supernatural beings.

Without a doubt, this anime is very fast-paced and has a style that makes the plot overflow from the first moment. It can be a bit of a palate cleanser Rakshasa Street fans, as this show takes on all aspects of the genre and becomes a man’s story that seeks emotions against the forces of evil.

1 Death notice

Death notice

High school student Light Yagami uses a notebook called Death Note in order to put an end to the forces of evil. Death Note is an extremely dangerous object, however, as anyone in the book’s name leads to their death, as they will then have to fight the Light.

Rakshasa Street fans looking for horror stuff will have their fair share Death notice. The series has been very popular for its mastery in delivering scares while keeping in touch with some comic materials. The appearance of the main character who catches the evil spirits becomes infinitely more interesting because these spirits have their own personality.

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