59th call of the IIT Bombay based on the mixed reality held, a total of 2,501 degrees awarded to 2289 students

Mumbai, August 8 (UNI) The 59th IIT Bombay call was held online in virtual reality (VR) mode, taking into account security measures during the ongoing pandemic on Saturday.

The personalized avatar of each graduate received the certificate of the title of the personalized avatar from the director of Professor Subhasis Chaudhuri. All medal winners received their personalized avatar medals from Chief Guest Professor Geoffrey Hinton, FRS, University of Toronto. The Institute thought it best to organize an RV call for graduate students so as not to endanger their health, but at the same time they did not want to deprive them of the feeling of success and pride of passing from India. . first engineering institute.

The call is usually an opportunity for students to connect with their friends and teachers for the last time before embarking on their next trip. Like last year, the institute offered students the opportunity to do so through virtual presence, allowing students to tour a virtual campus, virtually visit their hostels and departments, and meet their friends and teachers. In addition, certain components of the call showed some graduates actually present at the scene.

In the 59th call, a total of 2501 degrees will be awarded. These include 178 PhD, 36 (MTech / MPhil + PhD), 26 Dual Degree (MSc + PhD), 8 MS (for research), 689 MTech, 63 MDes, 18 Dual Degree (BDes + MDes), 13 MPhil, 109 MBA , 1 EMBA, 7 MPP, 235 two-year MSc, 324 Dual Degree (BTech + MTech), 663 BTech Degrees, 12 Interdisciplinary Dual Degrees (BTech / BS + MTech / MSc), 8 Dual Degrees (BS + MSc), 49 BS, 14 BDes and 20 PGDIIT. In addition, 28 joint doctorates are awarded in conjunction with Monash University.

This year, 38 researchers have been selected for the “Naik and Rastogi Award for Excellence in Doctoral Research” for the year 2019-21.

This year, three students have received gold medals for their exemplary performance. The “President of India” medal was awarded to Siddharth Chandak, a student (BTech) of the Department of Electrical Engineering. The “Gold Medal of the Institute (2019-20)” and the “Dr. The Gold Medal Shankar Dayal Sharma has been awarded to Manu Srivastava, a student of the Department of Physics. deliver silver medals to departmental toppers.

Presenting the Institute’s report for 2020-21, Professor Subhasis Chaudhuri, Director of IIT Bombay, reported that IIT Bombay remains a highly sought after destination for UG and PG studies.

Professor Subhasis Chaudhari said: “We are pleased to note that despite the pandemic, our students did not have to suffer academically. The training our students received will definitely see them taking on leadership roles, as always, in the world. academic and corporate, thus contributing to the needs of our country “.

Chief Guest Professor Geoffrey Hinton said: “I would like to congratulate the students who had difficulties with their studies but persevered and overcame them.”

“I believe that the rapid progress of AI will transform society in ways that we do not fully understand and that not all effects will be good. I hope many of the graduate students choose to be part of the upcoming medical revolution that combines exciting new technologies with helping other human beings, ”he added.

Professor Geoffrey Hinton, often hailed as the father of artificial neural networks, is currently Professor Emeritus at the University of Toronto, Chief Scientific Adviser at the Vector Institute and Vice President and Fellow of Google Engineering.

Professor Margaret Gardner, President and Vice-Chancellor of Monash University, Australia, members of the Board of Governors and several other distinguished guests from India and abroad attended the online convocation function in addition to the students. graduates and their parents.


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