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Samsung and GBL Systems Corporation have deployed 5G wireless technology test benches designed for augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) military training bases at US military bases. of the U.S. Army

5G test benches come from a larger DoD initiative, announced in October 2020, which awarded $ 600 million in 5G test contracts at various military test sites across the country. GBL and Samsung were contracted to support one of the largest test benches, demonstrating AR and VR via 5G networks for training applications.

Test benches will support real-world environment AR scenarios to enhance live field military training exercises. Some simulated scenarios include virtual obstacles encountered in combat and overlays of data and instruments on which military personnel relied. Ideally, by seeing simulated combat entities through glasses, soldiers would experience more realistic practices.

GBL took the lead in prototyping, technology integration and alignment of the solution with DoD requirements, while Samsung offered its 5G solution and technical expertise. The two companies will continue to work with DoD to verify the deployment of a scalable, resilient, and secure 5G network for AR and VR-based mission planning and training.

The first deployment of the test benches took place in a U.S. Army lab based in Florida in late June and is expected to be ready for testing in August.

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