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It’s hot, it’s sunny, why can you stay and play virtual reality (VR) video games? Because it’s hot, it’s too sunny, and frankly, July has been filled with awesome releases. And that is expected to continue as the month ends next week, with more RV titles that can’t be stirred to prepare for launch. Here are five VRFocus is looking forward to in the coming days.

Winds and leaves – Trebuchet

After releasing it beforehand Prison Boss VR Canadian developer Trebuchet returns with a much more outdoor experience. In Winds and leaves you become a virtual gardener who brings life back to a barren planet. Using a unique connection to the trees and plants around you, the only way to explore the world is to plant forests that provide life-giving energy and provide a safe haven to return to. A virtual reality experience for nature lovers.

  • Compatible platforms: PlayStation VR
  • Release date: July 27

Arcsmith – Bithell Games

In Arcsmith you become a space engineer guided by a rather reluctant bow master, Korith Dinn. On board your space station, usually quiet, you will learn to build a variety of space-based elements and machinery, fitting the pieces your way. While these three-dimensional engineering puzzles have specifications to work with, the modular design of the components allows you to create creativity with each assembly.


Zombieland VR: Headshot Fever – XR Games

It should initially be released earlier this month on Steam, Zombieland fans can get into the action in a few days. An official franchise linked to films, Zombieland VR: Fever in the head is an arcade style shooter that tests your aim and your speed through various courses full of zombies. Get two consecutive head shots to activate the slow-mo and it will give you more time to accumulate those points and points to unlock more things.

Revengeful rites: interactive deep immersion

A Steam Early Access title that arrived in 2018, Revengeful rights is a great story-based role-playing game (RPG) ready for official release next week. Full of puzzles to solve and monsters to fight, you will be able to wield swords, bows and magical skills as you seek to save the world in this classic fantasy adventure.

Neon hat

Neon Hat: Entalto Studios

From the Spanish indie team Entalto Studios, Neon hat is a very vibrant cyber corridor designed for use with PlayStation Move controllers; each serves as an expanding rocket that allows players to fly around corners and checkpoints. With its own original synthwave soundtrack, Neon hat It includes ten courses in three game modes.

  • Compatible platforms: PlayStation VR
  • Release date: July 29

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