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It’s always great to see a varied selection of virtual reality (VR) titles each week and the next seven days are a perfect testament to that. There is strategy, action to the beat, bewilderment and platforms, with five new video games showing the power of virtual reality.

Carrier Command 2 VR: Geometa

Classic of the 80s Carrier control is configured to make a return in both VR and non-VR form thanks to Geometa and Microprose. Take command of a high-tech aircraft carrier packed to the brim with drop-down boats to perform missions. From the command platform, you can operate their systems, gathering information before launching an offensive to conquer the Archipelago.

Synthesizer geneticists: Kluge Interactive

This fast-paced action video game has spawned a loyal following since its initial release of PC VR in 2019 and now it’s PlayStation VR’s turn. The PlayStation VR version will include the 55 licensed songs, as well as 13 worlds inspired by the retro future to play on; in addition to the four DLC music packages will also be available. Synthesizer riders includes a selection of game modes and modifiers, including “Force” that adds a boxing mechanic and “Spin” for some 360-degree songs.

  • Compatible platforms: PlayStation VR
  • Release date: August 10th
Synthesizer riders

Blobkin Blaster: Cute lunch

A wave shooter for families with tower defense elements, Blobkin Blaster takes you under the sea to fight against polluted and mutated monsters that hide in the depths. Next to you are the cute Blobkin, critters that will help you clean the oceans.

Come VR Adventure: Monologic Games

Following the release of Oculus Rift in late 2020, followed by Steam earlier this year, it’s soon time for the Monologic Games platform game Come VR Adventure to get to Oculus Quest. Comprising a total of 12 levels divided into three regions, the world of Ven is a mixture of magic and mechanics where you control the titular hero Ven through evil places designed to kill him at every step.

Come VR Adventure

Marble Pop Paradise – WINR Games Inc.

It’s time to solve the puzzles in a similar line Puzzle Bobble, all you have to do is blow up all the colored balls with a manual crossbow. Get stuck in a bit tricky, no problem, use one of the special but limited skills to remove a lot of marbles. Best of all, it will be free.

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