A digital territory between virtual reality and investment

An exact virtual version of Earth, consisting of 5.1 billion squares that can be purchased: this is VR Earth 2. You can read here what speculation and creativity have to do with the game.

New York City, the rainforest, Graz Schlossberg: they all exist Earth 2 Divided into pieces of 10 x 10 meters each and can be purchased. What is usually reserved for real estate agents or large landowners can really be done with the browser game earth2.io Everyone has their own account: buy, build and sell virtual properties. With real money. And all this in a virtual replica of the Earth on a 1: 1 scale.

Real money, virtual game

Many players have already taken the opportunity to own land themselves and even make a profit in the first phase of Earth 2 development. The race to buy parcels has developed rapidly. What looks like a digital exchange should soon become a virtual reality game. Although Earth 2 was released in December 2020, the three-phase development of the game is not yet complete.

The development team’s overview: “A futuristic concept of the second Earth between virtual reality and physical reality.” It sounds a bit inaccurate, but it promises a principle similar to other previous games (Second Life): second fact Or a second virtual life. However, in this second country, it will soon be possible to unleash creatively and design landscapes and buildings on your own. As long as you have your own virtual continents.

Scam or not a scam?

Especially at first, many were skeptical about earth2.io. Initially, Earth 2 was almost exclusively a speculative platform. The development team also kept a low profile at the beginning with their plans for the development and content of the game. What exactly the person was investing in was not clear. Therefore, Earth2 has been criticized as a possible scam.

Reviews: In theory, prices could have been manipulated centrally by one party. In addition, the source of the dividend was not known and the calculation of package prices was not done using an understandable algorithm.

However, the development team has now announced the introduction of blockchain technology into the game, which is also used for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. It allows secure and decentralized payment transactions, which means that it is no longer possible for a party to manipulate prices. In addition, Earth2 Coming soon for PC and other platforms way out.

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