A new gift to Sanford Health will fund the virtual care center

The transformation of rural health care continues when Sanford Health today announced an additional $ 350 million philanthropic gift that will support a cutting-edge clinical initiative to create one of the world’s leading virtual care centers to provide care. accessible to rural areas and less cared for areas of the Midwest.

The state-of-the-art virtual care center will serve people across Sanford Health’s entire network of hospitals and clinics, expanding opportunities to receive care in our communities and in our long-term care locations. It will also host innovation, education and research initiatives to advance digital healthcare solutions for the future.

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“It is crucial that we continue to open new avenues in how to bring the best of today’s digital world directly to our patients, with perfect, comfortable, world-class care for the communities we serve,” said Bill Gassen, President and CEO of Sanford Health. “The virtual care initiative will achieve this and provide medical services to communities, patients and long-term care residents around the world when and where they are most needed.”

It is based on medical education and investment in community health

This additional investment comes after a $ 300 million initiative announced in March that included a major expansion of graduate medical education and an investment in community health and wellness with 18 new sports fields at the Sanford Sports Complex.

“It’s powerful to think about how many lives this gift will change,” said Bobbie Tibbetts, head of philanthropy at Sanford Health. “Philanthropy can not only save lives, but it can also inspire the next generation of people to give.”

Since March, Denny Sanford has pledged $ 650 million to support Sanford Health’s innovative initiatives, bringing its total endowment to the nation’s largest rural health system to nearly $ 1.5 billion.

“I am committed to making this initiative a reality,” Denny Sanford said. “I continue to give to Sanford Health because I believe in giving the best investment I can to support the people and communities in the regions they serve.”

This gift announced today follows a legacy of Denny Sanford’s transformative donation to the healthcare system. His $ 400 million gift in 2007 boosted the health care system from a small regional provider to one of the largest health care systems in the country. It also sparked a spirit of generosity, which inspired thousands of donors to support the Sanford Health mission annually.

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