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Digital technology has been a great help in creating all kinds of images in film and television, but that doesn’t mean innovation doesn’t offer better options. One of them is the use of virtual reality engines to film audiovisual productions and, for the first time, in Mexico there is a studio that will have it available and ready to have a place in the industry.

We recommend that producers and creatives try to revive the Baja California film industry.

In Baja California, in the municipalities of Playas de Rosarito, the iDigital Virtual Production and Post Production studio has been inaugurated, a company that will be dedicated to production solutions for all types of projects. The lab will feature innovative virtual reality technology used in The Mandalorian series: 91% to create the scenarios in which Din, the protagonist played by Pedro Pascal, seeks refuge to save Yellow.

This is what studio president Gabriel Reyes said about his new production team:

According to business analysis magazine, Virtual Production will have a direct spill of $ 4.733 billion in 2028 with annual growth of 15.8%; The iDigital VP-Post Studio would put Baja California as a pioneer and spearhead in new production technologies in Latin America

What is this virtual reality technology and how does film and television help? Basically, it is an engine that allows you to create complete scenarios and project them on an LED screen according to the position of the camera within a set. This makes it easier for directors to assemble scenes, as well as giving actors a greater sense of realism than being in front of green or blue screens.

For example, in The Mandalorian –

91%, virtual reality helped give more credibility to the planets where the show takes place. In the case of Lucasfilm, a dome with screens was built inside which the actors performed their scenes. The projection of background environments not only helped to avoid the construction of expensive sets or to travel to places, but also gave the photo a better sense of frame size, lighting and less post-production time. In the case of iDigital, it looks like traditional screens will be used instead of a dome. We leave you with some images.

IDigital Study in Rosarito, Baja CaliforniaIDigital Study in Rosarito, Baja California

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This new studio is located within Baja Studios, the famous sets in which film classics such as Titanic were shot – 88%. The idea is to make this place in Baja California an ideal market for the Hollywood industry, which, after seeing the wonders of this technology, chooses to use it for its series of adventures, science fiction and fantasy. and leave an economic spill in our country.

This type of technology is already beginning to capture the imagination of large producing companies. Following the success of the Star Wars show, director James Gunn will also use it for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and the same happened with Matt Reeves in The Batman. For more information on how virtual reality paved a whole new path for the audiovisual industry, we recommend you check out the Disney: Star Wars: The Mandalorian gallery – 100% Disney Plus program. If you don’t have a subscription yet, you can click here and get one for just 159 pesos a month.

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