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Listen to aesthetics and amateur art lovers because we have exciting news for you.

A new contemporary art gallery has been launched in Dubai with a very unique stroke.

Galloire is the first gallery in the Middle East to use virtual reality and augmented reality to create a fully online exhibition that lets you know regardless of your location.

Created by British businessman and art collector Edward Gallagher, the gallery is intended to give UAE art collectors a chance to get their gloves on in a series of prints. limited edition, photography, sculptures and paper works by the best artists in the world, even if they do not present any of their crafts in the Middle East.

The first exhibition, Beneath, features work by contemporary British artist Nick Veasey and will feature X-ray images of supercars, humans, high-fashion accessories and more.

How do we access the art gallery, we hear you ask?

Below you can explore, for free, virtual reality in any browser using this link or any VR headset and augmented reality from mobile devices.

It’s the second most exciting news for Dubai art lovers in so many weeks, with the opening of Infinity Des Lumières on Thursday 1 July.

The art exhibit at Dubai Mall, GCC’s largest digital art center, stretches for 2,700 meters and is a technology-driven art platform that uses about 130 projectors, 58 speakers and 3,000 digital images in HD .

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