Aelis will present the NFT project linked to the autumn 2021 collection

THE VIRTUAL ART OF AELIS: Aelis claims to be the first haute couture brand to use non-expendable tiles, or NFT, with a project linked to its collection for the fall of 2021, which will be unveiled later this week.

“Aelis, true to its environmentally friendly identity, is offering its art, for the first time in the world of haute couture, in the innovative form of NFT,” the house said in a statement.

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Aelis artistic director Sofia Crociani always picks up ideas for her nature fashion. Last season, for example, Crociani’s collection was inspired by ecology. The decolonization of nature, the tests carried out with spiders in the sixties and bees played an important role in the formation of their ideas.

Crociani also uses vintage fabrics along with new materials in his designs.

For their fall 2021 collection, which will be unveiled on Thursday, July 8, the NFTs will be linked to one or more pieces from the line. Until then, the details about the link remain under protection.

“Aelis continues its artistic and eco-responsible commitment beyond the boundaries of reality,” the house said. “The manifest and tangible world resonates in the virtual world of metaverses.

“These new spaces of creation and freedom, based on blockchain technology and continuing to break codes, are known to be developed in correlation and harmony with NFTs,” the house continued. “Inspired by this creative impulse and breaking with the customs of conventional artistic expression, Aelis therefore decided to deliver her message as part of a unique NFT experience.”

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