Alison Wonderland launches the fantastic WonderQuest-themed NFT project

Australian dance artist Alison Wonderland has delved into the realm of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) with an ambitious new blockchain project called WonderQuest.

Launched last Sunday at Decentraland, a blockchain-powered 3D virtual reality platform, the fantasy-inspired project allows investors to buy a dragon egg as an NFT from the WonderTown market, with the sales period ending with a “hatching” event “at AW Church.

Each “egg” costs 0.0888 Ethereurm (Eth), with more than 6,500 already sold and 3,500 more that were minted before hatching on Sunday, August 1st.

At hatching, egg owners will be able to select whether they want to hatch the dragon egg or not, which will allow them to interact even more with the realm of virtual fantasy.

The project also incorporates virtual gift missions, discussions and musical performances along the way, with the virtual reality game ending with a live performance by Alison Wonderland within the metaverse.

So far, sales of the NFT project exceed $ 2 million, with all of Alison Wonderland’s profits to be revealed shortly after the project ends.

Decentraland refers to WonderQuest as “an immersive exploration of Alison Wonderland’s virtual world of dragons and black magic.”

“It starts with a single egg, one of 10,000 purchased at the WonderTown market, and ends with an epic musical odyssey at its own Temple of Wonderland.

“Along the way, those brave enough to embark on this journey will be treated to money-buying experiences, live performances, fire talks and epic missions through Decentraland.”

Learn more about Alison Wonderland’s WonderQuest through Decentraland.

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