Alison Wonderland launches the WonderQuest virtual reality NFT project

Alison Wonderland launches the WonderQuest virtual reality NFT project

Alison Wonderland has launched a fantasy-inspired virtual reality NFT project called WonderQuest. In accordance with The music network, the blockchain project launched last Sunday in Decentraland, a blockchain-driven 3D virtual reality platform. In virtual reality, people have the option to buy a dragon egg as NFT in the WonderTown market at a price of 0.0888 Ethereum. More than 6,500 eggs have been sold since it was released on Sunday, August 1st.

The sale period will have to end with an “outbreak event” at the AW church. Once hatched, egg owners will be able to decide if they want to hatch the dragon egg or not. The project allows users to be completely immersed in the world of virtual fantasy with virtual gift missions, discussions and musical performances along the way. According to The Music Network, the virtual reality game ends with a live performance by Alison Wonderland within the game. Alison Wonderland’s NFT project is expected to exceed $ 2 million in sales.

Last year, in September, Alison Wonderland released a music video for her 2020 song, “Bad thingsThe song saw Alison Wonderland continue her lyrical theme of tackling the difficult aspects of life and looking for ways to move forward. It was initially released as the first single from her upcoming new album which was slated for release. 2021, but there has been no news on this album since, and since then, Alison Wonderland has released a variety of remixes for numerous tracks that led to this new NFT project.In 2019, Alison Wonderland toured the world with a rave tour called The Wonderland Warehouse Project which saw her perform in the United States, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Russia.

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