An editor reviews “Supernatural” for Oculus Quest

In my 25 years on earth, I’ve never particularly enjoyed physical activity. Growing up, I shunned team sports in favor of indoor activities. When I’m asked at annual checkups if I exercise regularly, I usually avoid eye contact with my doctor and yell a pathetic “kind of”! My workout regimen consists of the odd (low impact) video or cardio pilates tutorial on YouTube.

Although I am well aware of the physical and mental benefits of exercising regularly, I have never been able to commit to three times or even twice a week. Everything changed when I was introduced to the Oculus Quest 2, Facebook’s latest virtual reality headset.

Among the many gadget games are a lot of programs designed specifically for exercise at home (a major advantage in the midst of the pandemic). Some are explicitly advertised as dance or boxing apps, while others “trick” you into doing exercises disguising physical activity in a game.

It turns out I might enjoy the exercise if I’m fooled into doing it. After trying several training programs for the Oculus, I found it Supernatural – cardio in a Tap Tap Revengestyle format: he tricked me into exercising several times a week. In fact, I actually started wanting to select my next workout in the app’s extensive gamified sweat session library.

Read on to find out why this week’s editor’s edition has a lifelong exercise hooked on working.

WHAT IS THIS: Supernatural for the Oculus Quest

WHY THE HIPE DESERVES: SupernaturalThe gameplay is pretty straightforward: use the two Oculus motion controllers to attack cone-shaped targets that fly towards the beat of a song. Players also have the option to add squatters and lunges to the game through bright triangles in which you have to go up as they pass over them. Each workout, set to a playlist of popular songs spanning genres such as dance, hip-hop, alternative, and classical, is placed in a 360-degree panoramic location of virtual reality, such as the Galapagos, Machu Picchu. and the Great Wall of China.

Although the game includes a number of virtual trainers that guide you through each workout with words of encouragement (plus a warm-up and cooling video at the beginning and end), playing Supernatural he has no desire to exercise. The magic of the show lies in its immersive nature: it absorbs me so much by breaking goals and dodging triangles that I’m motivated to keep playing and therefore exercising. Unlike traditional workouts, which tend to be boring thanks to endless repetitions and countdown timers that never seem to move fast enough, Supernatural it doesn’t feel boring or prescriptive.

Besides, SupernaturalThe music license agreement means that each workout is set for songs, old and new, that you’ll probably already like, as some of my favorites are “Good As Hell” by Lizzo, “Zombie” by The Cranberries, and “Dancing Where ”by Robyn My own.“ Working with oldies and graphics bops is a lot more fun than moving to the generic EDM tracks that most exercise applications use.

Even though you’ll never catch me going for a run or lifting weights in the gym, you will find me in the comfort of my home, waving my arms and crouching to the beat of Lizzo’s latest single. It may not look particularly sleek, but I can guarantee you will have a good time.

WHERE YOU CAN FIND IT: Supernatural is available on the Oculus Quest Store for $ 19 a month after a free 30-day trial.

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