And Expect You To Die 2 is the most fun I’ve had in RV all year

I hope you die is one of the most loved, successful and critically acclaimed virtual reality games of all time. So you’ll have to excuse me for being a little worried about a sequel that pops up after five years.

In the world of virtual reality, five years is the difference between two or three different generations of hardware. I’d like to think that VR gamers have come a long way since the days when we could be satiated by a sitting experience that relies on clever writing and simple mechanics to delight and admire us.

I would like to think that. But I do not. Because, no matter how much virtual reality comes along, it’s obvious to me I hope You To Die 2: The Spy and the Liar it will always be fun.

Schell Games’ excellent follow-up to its initial success is not at all brilliant. It is first class in almost every way. And, to be honest, the things that hurt are more indicative of limitations on the platform than the ability of the developers.

I hope you die 2 it’s a sitting virtual reality experience that puts you in the virtual skin of a secret agent trying to stop evil.

Players manipulate objects, solve puzzles and try to stay alive (keyword is to prove). As the title suggests, this is a red-like game: you will die. A lot.

You could expand your gaming world or tell you about the amazing cast: Will Wheaton is one of the main characters and Puddles the clown (AGT fans will know who I’m talking about) sings the opening theme, but instead I ‘ I will explain the experience.

And don’t worry, there are no spoilers up front.

The game makes you solve various problems in six different missions. You will need to unlock doors, find secret codes, defend yourself from attackers and try not to blow up your deck.

This works in several different ways, but most play common sense.

In the tutorial, for example, you are tasked with throwing bombs inside a safe so that they can be detonated safely.

It’s pretty intuitive – for example, you can’t use the remote detonator if the safe isn’t closed, and it lends itself very well to understanding the idea of ​​trying to solve the game’s puzzles as if it were really there.

I hope you die 2 has the usual floating hands that can grab, stretch, push, turn, throw, and hold objects. But it takes things a step further and allows you to manipulate objects using telekinesis and freeze objects in space.

This resulted in some very interesting problem solving opportunities. I kept wrapping myself in arrows on one stage until I grabbed some objects and suspended them in the air around me. It made it almost impossible to see, but it gave me enough time to figure out how to fight.He’s tripping over solutions like this that make the game fun.

The audio is excellent and the voice is fantastic. The graphics are appropriate and luckily stylized.

The RV struggles with the weird valley more than the rest of the visual media, but here, with a trendy, backward style, it makes the game look like it has higher fidelity graphics than it actually does. I tried the game on PSVR which worked with a PS4 Pro and it looked fantastic.

I was especially impressed by the endless appearance of little touches here and there. Most RV games, for example, will fill the world with objects that have torn lines to represent writing. If there’s anything written about this game, you can actually read it.

Other things I really liked about this game are the amount of content (you will repeat the six repeated missions trying to solve them) and the accessibility.

Physically speaking, it’s a virtual reality experience as light as it can get. There aren’t many flashing lights, your character doesn’t walk, run or fly anywhere and there’s no fear of jumping either.

I hope you die 2 it is based on clever writing, charming humor, sophisticated puzzles and a solid gameplay to deliver a wonderful virtual reality experience.

He is a clear candidate for the best VR title of 2021.

But it is not exempt. The controls are good, though so good it will depend on your platform. If you’re playing PSVR, for example, you’ll want to make sure your camera can see your hands as clearly as possible.

I found myself searching the ground below my actual office chair after dropping virtual objects to the ground several times, which sometimes caused my drivers to stop tracking me at the worst possible times.

This is more of an industry issue than a game-specific one, but it’s worth mentioning for those who don’t have many location options for their virtual reality setup. As far as I know, there is no option to use a normal gamepad to play this game; requires motion controllers.

That said, I find it hard to think of anything else I hope you die 2 which I don’t like. It is definitely my new goal when it comes to introducing new virtual reality players to the platform. It’s comfortable, fun and well done.

I hope you die 2 is now available on Oculus, PCVR and PSVR.

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