Apple CEO Tim Cook wants to oversee a more important product category before going down

Following the passing of Steve Jobs, Tim Cook took over as CEO and has held that role for about a decade. Cook had previously stated that he probably wouldn’t see Apple in ten years, but he doesn’t seem to plan to leave quietly.

In the latest issue of Mark Gurman’s Power On newsletter, Gurman suggests that before Cook leaves, he wants to oversee a more important product category. There are several projects that are being worked on at Apple that have not yet been officially announced (and we don’t know if it will ever do that). This includes projects such as an electric car with Apple’s automatic driving and also the company’s plan for augmented reality / virtual devices.

According to Gurman, he believes an AR / VR product will likely be Cook’s final main product category while he is at the helm of Apple. Why not the car, you ask? Apparently, this is because Cook seems to understand that running a Silicon Valley company like Apple is a game for young people.

Since throwing a car is not an easy thing, it could be years before this happens, and Cook could be beyond his peak. We have no idea when Apple’s AR / VR hardware efforts will bear fruit, but it’s an interesting development we look forward to seeing.

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