Arcadia’s VR sports platform will host a real game competition

Arcadia, a new platform that combines traditional athletics and gaming with the limitless world of virtual reality, is gearing up to broadcast a series of competition that exists entirely within its own futuristic digital realm.

“Arcadia is basically the world’s first stadium-sized mixed reality stage where athletes can replace avatars in these large-scale games where they are free to run and compete with each other in these super sports that only we have built.” Chris Olimpo, co-founder and CEO of Arcadia, said in the company’s launch trailer. “We are preparing to broadcast these games to the world audience and it will be a different show from everything you’ve seen before. It’s basically TRON, for real.”

Imitating the sleek, avant-garde nature of the beloved sci-fi adventure film, the experience allows players to participate in unique sports competitions within a huge 10,000-square-foot VR arena that synchronizes physical spaces and digital with its interior and exterior property. tracking technology, called Samos Arena.

At the end of this year, Arcadia will begin its search for professional sports players through a tour of six cities, called “Arcadia Trials”, which will be able to compete for its chance to be named the first Arcadia champion. In previous months, players and athletes from across North America will be able to vote for Arcadia to organize one of their tests in their hometown, so they can participate in the platform’s innovative technology on their turf.

“We’re going to find Arcadia’s first world champion,” Olympus added. “We will have test trials, competitions and spread everything for the world to see.”

After the tests, viewers will be able to see competing athlete-players through a full stream of sand or the POV screen of an individual athlete through the company’s various digital platforms, all under the nickname Arcadia.TV.

Those who believe they have what it takes to take on the Arcadia Champion crown can head to the Arcadia website to designate their city to host the Arcadia Trials on the company’s website. More details will be available on Arcadia’s Instagram.

In another crossover between games and sports, the skins of LeBron James arrive Fortnite.

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