AT&T pushes 5G to AR and VR with Harry Potter and the NBA

When it comes to augmented reality (augmented reality) and virtual reality (virtual reality), AT&T is the 5G partner in many of today’s children’s digital activities, apps, and experiences that can boot and read RA books on a tablet for statistics. live while watching the Chicago Bulls.

The company highlighted many of them today during a live event in New York, where executives from Google, Bookful reading applications, Warner Media and AT&T, as well as actor Ashton Kutcher, who invests in technology, talked about how 5G has transformed the way we consume digital content today.

Google executives in Bookful Reading app joined actor Ashton Kutcher and AT&T to talk about 5GGearBrain

Kutcher noted that a few years ago people would have to wait for videos to be stored, often they would have to stop halfway while downloading the rest of the content. He compared it to today, when 20 or more people can receive a virtual call in real time.

“We don’t realize when this moment is happening, when this change is happening,” he said during the event.

Several other companies highlighted their offerings at the event, including the NBA and Chicago Bulls, which showcased the different ways 5G enhances the consumer experience.

For the Chicago Bulls, this includes the new AT&T StatsZone, which allows people who watch a live game to show player stats via the team’s app on RA immediately with just a click through 5G. And AT&T says it will offer support for more 5G + coverage, already at the United Center in Chicago, the Toyota Center in Houston and the AT&T Center in San Antonio as well as half of the entire NBA zone by the end of 2021. The 5G + coverage is AT & T’s own name for 5G sent through millimeter waves and used in denser areas.

Chicago Bulls appThe Chicago Bulls worked with AT&T to provide live stats to game attendees on their fieldGearBrain

Cinemark cinemas open a photo booth for moviegoers scheduled for the July 16 release of “Space Ham: A New Legacy.” People will be able to pose with some of the Looney Tunes characters in three different venues in Plano and Houston, Texas. This image can be downloaded and shared.

AT&T has also teamed up with Warner Bros. and others to create the new “Chaos at Hogwarts” experience that will launch in the coming days at the Harry Potter store in New York.

AT&T has also just joined a 6G research group, joining Qualcomm and Samsung Electronics, and working with the University of Texas at Austin at a new center called 6G @ UT. The goal is to examine what this next phase of technology can bring.

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