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SHENZHEN, China, September 17, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Aurora Mobile Limited (NASDAQ: JG) (“Aurora Mobile” or “Company”), a leading service provider for mobile phone developers in China, has announced today that it has successfully implemented its JPush push notification service in a demo game developed by itself on the popular video game platform Roblox. This marks a significant breakthrough in innovative virtual technology that shapes its expansion into the virtual realm of JPush Services. With this advanced capability and the new development of the “metaverse concept”, gamers can send virtual messages to real-world mobile phones, breaking the dimensional barrier and allowing conversations to take place in real time.

The battle of the technical industry for the metavers universe
Today, the “metaverse universe” has become the new battlefield of the tech industry for tech giants like Facebook and Roblox, which is more appealing to the metaverse concept. The first publicly traded metaverse video game company in the United States, Roblox Corporation (“Roblox”), continues to impress with its market valuation since it went public in March 2021. The concept of metaverse, rooted in science fiction and virtual gaming, encompasses a vast online universe of immersive and shared virtual spaces where users are often represented by avatars.

OASIS is a very popular massively multiplayer online simulation game (“MMOSG”) that was inspired by the virtual universe and the film adaptation of the science fiction novel. Ready Player One. If we consider the OASIS in Ready Player One as a definitive form of metaverse, the virtual worlds created by advanced technology, the Internet, blockchain, and even gamers are an exploration of metaverse prototypes. As a more basic function of the metaverse network, the transmission of information becomes an important way to interact and entertain the “future inhabitants” of virtual reality and help them experience the best of the metaverse universe. .

Here’s how real-time communication can work in a metaverse video game:

  • The metaverse system sends information to a cell phone in real time, sending reminders before starting a car race.

  • After receiving the message, a player puts on virtual reality equipment and sends invitations to other players using the virtual system.

  • If a player cannot participate or encounters obstacles in the metaverse game, they can ask for help by sending messages from the virtual world to the real world.

  • Winners can also send real-time messages to the real world using advanced push technology to celebrate victories with other players and receive messages in their virtual inboxes.

Aurora Mobile has successfully demonstrated some of these real-time game streaming scenarios in its self-developed racing video game demo on the Roblox platform. With virtual push technology developed by Aurora Mobile, game developers can use JPush services to provide the information link between virtual reality gaming systems and real-world mobility devices.

Three-dimensional communication using Push technology
The innovative development of cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and 5G have boosted the popularity of push technology to new heights. Users are very accustomed to receiving accurate and personalized push messages from various mobile apps every day for their personal convenience. However, in the metaverse, social interactions must be processed using low-latency push technology that requires inter-dimensional networks of “virtual-reality”, “virtual-virtual”, and “virtual-reality” worlds. It also requires industry-leading players, including Aurora Mobile, to further explore and innovate in virtual reality gaming systems and shared virtual spaces. Only when the basis of virtual information technology is established can the sophisticated and complex superstructure of the metaverse become a reality.

Recently, more and more developers have participated in the healthy and friendly environment of the Roblox platform developer communities, with the mindset of exploring more diverse digital interaction methods.. As a leading service provider for mobile phone developers in China, Aurora Mobile continues to explore the application possibilities and viability of JPush in metaverse and works closely with metaverse developers to optimize the technical environment for experiences. more comfortable and high quality game.

Mr. Jishi Liu, head of JPush’s division, commented: “In the real world, Aurora Mobile is committed to becoming China’s leading mobile developer services provider. While we are in the virtual metaverse, we are working hard to provide communication infrastructure as a telecommunication service.provider like China Telecom or China Mobile.Over the years, we have served tens of thousands of customers from different industries and verticals.This is a key strength for Aurora Mobile as we continue deepening our relationships with our partners and exploring all the possibilities of the metaverse universe. We look forward to the full development of more metaverse scenarios. “

Aurora Mobile is a leading service provider for mobile phone developers in China. Since its inception in 2011, the company has focused on a developer-focused strategy and closely monitors new technology trends and global innovation. The company has launched services such as push notifications, one-click verification, instant messaging, machine learning statistics and analysis, traffic monetization (JG Alliance), JG VaaS, JG UMS and others. Leveraging its artificial intelligence processing platform, Aurora Mobile is committed to providing customers with a comprehensive platform for technology solutions and service development, helping developers and customers from multiple verticals to improve their operational efficiency and lead to term advanced analytical decision making.

About Aurora Mobile Limited

Founded in 2011, Aurora Mobile is a leading service provider for mobile phone developers in China. Aurora Mobile is committed to providing efficient and stable push notification services, one-click verification, and application traffic monetization services to help developers improve operating efficiency, grow, and earn revenue. Meanwhile, Aurora Mobile’s vertical applications have expanded towards market intelligence and financial risk management, enabling various industries to improve productivity and optimize decision-making.

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