Beeple’s $ 69 million NFT owner turns the play into an immersive party – you only have to pay $ 150 to attend

It was only a matter of time: in a combination of two of the biggest art world trends of 2021, Beeple’s $ 69 million NFT will get its own immersive experience in late fall.

In November, the Metapurse cryptocurrency fund will host Dreamverse, a unique party in New York, where Beeple is celebrated Every day: TThe first 5,000 days—The piece of art that generated hundreds of people Is WTF an NFT anyway? articles: will be shown publicly for the first time. According to the producers, the work will be projected on a “hybrid three-story hybrid physical and digital structure”.

The screening is the main event of the all-day program, which arrives with a DJ set from Alesso in the evening. But during the day, the Dreamverse – arranged in Terminal 5 in New York – will serve as a gallery where NFT of about 150 artists will be shown on large screens and virtual reality installations.

This place is perhaps a strange way out for NFTs, entities defined both by their immateriality and by their existence outside established structures. But for MetaKovan (also known as Vignesh Sundaresan), the founder and financier of Metapurse — and the owner of The first 5,000 days—The event represents a natural evolution of the art form towards the mainstream.

“NFTs are still considered abstract or virtual,” the Singapore-based businessman explained in a statement. “Dreamverse is what happens when NFTs hit the ground running.”

Tickets for Dreamverse, scheduled for November 4, are now on sale. Daily admission to the gallery costs $ 30, but admission to the party part is more expensive. Tickets for the latter start at $ 150, but increase your amount to $ 475 (early discount) or $ 600 and you’ll get a commemorative NFT with your purchase (it changes color when scanned at the door), so like exactly a drink ticket. Upgrade to the $ 2,500 VIP level for a second drink coupon, as well as an additional NFT. (Cryptocurrency is accepted, of course).

Cryptographic artist Alotta Money, known for her absurd collages, is in charge of designing the color-changing NFTs. They, along with nine other “OG NFT authors,” formed a sort of advisory panel for the exhibition part, selecting the participating artists.

Taking a page from other immersive experiences (such as those dedicated to Banksy and Van Gogh), Dreamverse will also feature a number of interactive components, including holograms and augmented reality booths where visitors can make digital avatars of their own images.

The event “is a celebration of an empathetic, vibrant, diverse community,” MetaKovan said. “Dreamverse is an expression of the renaissance we have experienced in recent years.”

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