Bexhill’s waterfront colonnade has a new virtual reality attraction

The Soar Tour was created by local technical entrepreneur Alex Hedges.

Up to four “passengers” enter the Colonnade kiosk and sink into a virtual reality flight through East Sussex.

They shoot, dive, float and glide as they walk the wings of a seagull over Estbourne Pier, Brighton’s i360, Beachy Head Lighthouse, Southdowns Hills and historic Hastings Fishing Beach. before landing again in the colonnade.

The seafront of Bexhill Colonnade has a new virtual reality attraction

Alex Hedges said: “Soar Tour is a unique experience designed and created by one of the teams behind some of Disney’s largest theme parks.

“I brought it to Bexhill because Bexhill Colonnade is a great location and the people are very friendly.”

The Soar Tour is part of an initiative by the Bexhill Chamber of Commerce and Rother District Council to bring new vitality to the colonnade, which was built to commemorate the coronation of George V in 1911.

Howard Martin, president of the Bexhill Chamber of Commerce, said: “Everyone has worked very hard to truncate the colonnade into a real visitor destination with a minimalist Covent Garden atmosphere.

“We hope that now more people will start using the promenade not only as a place to walk and stroll, but also to shop, eat and entertain.

“Following our success this year, we look forward to bringing more and more attractions to the colonnade over the coming Christmas and summer.”

The Colonnade kiosks are already rented.

Among them is Julian Sutherland-Beatson’s landscape art in the kiosk gallery next to the postcards, buckets and sinks and Bexhill fridge magnets from the Seaside Shack.

Starlings has handmade gifts and individually designed handbags.

Sonia Valentina offers organic cosmetics and skin care products.

The Retro Art Kiosk features metallic signs and ornaments of distinctive engineered art objects.

The Colonnade Cafe is now fully open and offers free live music on summer Sundays.

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