Bithell Games returns to virtual reality with Arcsmith for Oculus Quest in July: VRFocus

Bithell Games recently released a virtual reality (VR) video game, the last and only time Earth shape for Daydream View headphones that are no longer available in 2016. Today, the team unveiled their latest project, a puzzle title set in the space called Arcsmith, and will be released next month for Oculus Quest.

In Arcsmith you become a space engineer guided by a rather reluctant arches master archaeologist Korith Dinn. Aboard your space station, usually quiet, you will learn to build a variety of space-based elements and machinery, fitting the pieces your way. While these three-dimensional engineering puzzles have specifications to work with, the modular design of the components means you can be creative with each assembly, whether you’re building space drones or an antimatter generator.

Like the first Bithell Games title Thomas was alone was known for his procedural score by David Housden, while playing with this intergalactic Lego Arcsmith it will also feature a premium soundtrack written by Dan Le Sac and Sarah Williams White. All the while Dinn and his robotic partner Toolie discuss the chaos outside.

In keeping with the playful style the studio has maintained for a long time, Arcsmith it is also combined into a narrative where an intergalactic space fight is taking place in your part of the galaxy. Therefore, building items like a running radio is quite important to entertain the crew with cosmic tunes or vital news.


“It’s been exciting to develop a space puzzle game for virtual reality,” said Nic Tringali, game director Arcsmith to Bithell Games in a statement. “We’ve given players several tools in their workbench to design and diagnose their creations, and virtual reality gives us a unique way to present a game with an open-ended puzzle design.”

Bithell Games will be launched Arcsmith on July 29 exclusively for Oculus Quest, priced at GBP 18.99 / $ 24.99 USD / € 24.99 EUR. Watch the first trailer below and if there are more updates from the studio, keep reading VRFocus.

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