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The Vanishing Museum, on Mistral Street, by ML Longworth

Something strange has happened in the modest Quentin-Savary museum in Aix-en-Provence. When the director, Monsieur Achille Formentin, walks a beautiful April morning, he is surprised to find the entire museum empty of its contents: only a bench, the reception and a humble fern remain.

Wendy, Darling of AC Wise

Find the second star on the right and fly straight into the morning to Neverland, a childless paradise with no rules, no adults, just endless adventures and enchanted forests, all led by the charismatic boy who will never grow old. . But Wendy Darling grew up. She has a husband and a young daughter named Jane, living in London. But one night, after all these years, Peter Pan returns. Wendy finds him outside her daughter’s window, looking to claim a new mother for her Lost Boys. But instead of Wendy, he takes Jane.

Widespread panic by James Ellroy

Freddy Otash was the man he knew and the man he knew in the 1950s in the United States. He was a rogue cop, a sleazoid private eye, a shakedown artist, a pimp, and most of all, the head of Confidential magazine. With a cruelly entertaining voice from Freddy, Wicked Panic ignited Hollywood in the 1950s.

Carter Wilson’s dead husband

Twenty years ago, an unspeakable tragedy shook the small, prosperous hometown of Rose Yates … and only Rose and her family know the truth about what happened. Chased by guilt, Rose escaped to a new life. Now he seems to have it all: a marriage, a son, a career. And then her husband is found dead. As for Detective Colin Pearson, Rose is guilty.


Planet Palm: How palm oil ended up in everything, and endangered the world of Jocelyn C. Zuckerman

Worldwide, palm oil production has almost doubled in the last decade. But the palm oil revolution has been built on stolen land and slave labor; it has ravaged cultures and devastated Southeast Asian landscapes so much that now iconic animals are on the verge of extinction. The fires were lit to pave the way for plantations that emit carbon emissions to compete with those of the industrialized nations.

Test Gods: Virgin Galactic and the Making of a Modern Astronaut by Nicholas Schmidle

Nicholas Schmidle tells the remarkable story of test pilots, engineers and visionaries of the Virgin Galactic campaign to build a space tourism company. Schmidle follows a handful of characters: Mark Stucky, Virgin’s main test pilot; Richard Branson, the eccentric billionaire who finances the company; Mike Alsbury, test pilot killed in fatal crash; and others, through personal and professional dramas, in search of their collective goal: to make space tourism a reality.

Final Pagan Generation by Edward J. Watts

Watts tells the fascinating story of the lives and fortunes of the last Romans born before Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity. He traces his experiences of living through the dramatic religious and political changes of the fourth century, when heated confrontations saw the Christian establishment legislate against pagan practices while mafias attacked pagan sacred sites and temples.

The computer is on fire by Thomas S. Mullaney

This book sounds an alarm: we can no longer afford to be enthralled by complacency over the narratives of techno-utopianism or even techno-neutrality. We should not be reassured by such reassuring generalities as “human error,” “virtual reality,” or “the cloud.” We must realize that nothing is virtual: everything that “happens online,” “virtually,” or “autonomously” goes offline first and often involves human beings whose work remains deliberately invisible.


Little Legends: Outstanding Men in Vashti Harrison’s Black History

The author of Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History returns with a complementary volume that includes dozens of black male pioneers, leaders, and pioneers in various fields. It includes the lions of the civil rights movement, as well as the first black American president and some famous artists and performers, but the author also sheds light on many lesser-known pioneers of achievement. Men like James Armistead Lafayette, a revolutionary war spy; Robert Smalls, who became a member of the United States Congress after winning his freedom; Deputy Marshall Bass Reeves of the United States, the likely inspiration for Lone Ranger; the daring World War II ace pilot John Robinson, who inspired Tuskegee aviators; Vogue fashion icon Andre Leon Talley and many more. Which of these men will inspire you?

Ages: 8-12

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