Boson Protocol launches “virtual lifestyle” portal

Boson Protocol has launched Portal, a “virtual lifestyle, commerce and culture park that seamlessly connects the metaverse to the universe,” the company said in a statement.

The company already uses smart contracts to boost trade. With Portal, users can buy or earn products both in metaphors and physically. The articles will be symbolized as Boson’s commitment NFT.

“Within the metaverse, we can present an image of ourselves limited only by the limits of our imagination,” said Holly Atkinson, head of metaverse technology at the Boson protocol. “Portal changes the paradigm and unites the metaverse and the universe to create a completely new world of possibilities. Now is the time for companies to get ready. “

Portal said it intends to capitalize on a growing interest in metaverse and NFTs, allowing brands, artists and creators to develop virtual experiences and ways for buyers and sellers to interact in metaverse. It will include a space for events, shops, a pavilion, commercial spaces, facilities, activations and a branded market.

Brands will not be without support when creating their presence on the Portal; Boson Protocol will provide a consultation service and expert partners.

While Boson Protocol plans to launch into a series of metaverses, the first location will be Decentraland, a decentralized 3D virtual reality platform.

The company has raised $ 10 million in private investment, in addition to recently completing a $ 25.8 million crowdfunding campaign.

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