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Niall Carroll has invested heavily in the growing industry in recent years and is convinced that many of the remote work changes caused by the pandemic have come to stay. And while many patients have warned about the dangers of long-term distance work, Carroll believes it can offer a better work-life balance.

The South African businessman who founded CG Labs, a company that invests in new technologies, told “One of the hopes behind Covid is that the pandemic will allow us to think of ways to to modify our behavior to achieve a better balance between work and family life.

“There is also a big push to be much more respectful of carbon.

“Remote work and virtual conferences and events are one way to do it.

“Remote work platforms not only change the way office workers engage.

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“This is the burning question that many people ask and what we are trying to answer.

“The current UK government is determined to reopen the economy and companies will require innovative solutions to deal with the long-term changes introduced by Covid.

“Virtual reality technologies have been growing over the last 18 months and the UK could become a world leader in their use.”

Carroll, a father of two, was born in South Africa and came of age when the country’s racially segregated apartheid system collapsed.

When Nelson Mandela came to power, the then economics and accounting graduate traveled around the planet convincing pension funds and companies to invest in the newly opened economy.

He then helped establish a major community-owned investment company.

In 2012 he decided to branch out and later founded CG Tech, an investment holding company.

This led to the creation of Virtuworx: a virtual event and remote work platform that creates virtual offices, auditoriums, and showrooms using software originally developed for drones.

“I’m not smart enough to find the next unicorn,” he said.

“But I believe in the creation of multiple companies that can add real value to the market.

“I want to make sure that CG Tech is creating solid companies and ready to move towards the future.

“That’s how we make sure what we’re building today lasts into the future and continues to make an impact.”

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