Can’t wait for the Apple VR headphones? There is only one catch

Drops of information about Apple’s foray into augmented and virtual reality have been greeted with dizzying excitement over the past two years, as well as some bewilderment at the rumored $ 3,000 price tag of its AR / VR headphones. Now it looks like your device probably won’t be left alone – you’ll need another device to get the most out of it.

Recent rumors suggest that Apple’s headphones will leave much of the heavy forces behind their AR / VR capabilities on another device, most likely the iPhone. This will make it look a bit like the early non-mobile versions of the Apple Watch, which forced users to bring their iPhone as well (see the best iPhone 12 deals available now).

Apple AR

Apple Insider model of AR / VR headphones (Image credit: Apple Insider)

Mass production is expected to be at least a year away, but a new report from The Information states that Apple finished work on three AR / VR chips last year and are now ready for production. test. He suggests that the Cupertino company’s headphones will be powered by custom 5-nanometer AR / VR chips. They would work better than third-party equivalents, offering improved wireless data transmission, compression, decompression, and energy efficiency, but they would not have the neural engine needed to power artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities.

This means that the headset should communicate wirelessly with a host device, which would take care of the computer tasks required to display virtual, augmented, and mixed media images. The information says that the headset will have a CPU and a GPU, so there is a possibility that it has at least limited functionality, but it should be connected to another device to use all its functions.

Apple AR

A mock-up of Apple’s patent filing (Image credit: Apple Insider)

The news seems to make sense for a lightweight, lightweight “Apple Glass” device, but perhaps less so for larger headphones. Although it has not yet made any official announcement, it is rumored that Apple will work on both. However, it seems that the latter rumor applies to headphones, which reportedly have an 8K screen and a Lidar sensor.

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