Celebrity jewelry designer Ashley Gold creates an augmented reality shopping experience at AshleyGold.com

Ashley Gold, celebrity jewelry designer

Ashley Gold jewelry designs at ashleygold.com

Ashley Gold, celebrity jewelry designer at ashleygold.com

Have you ever wondered what your jewelry will look like when you shop online? Technology is here to help you!

My customers have enjoyed online shopping for years, but I knew I had to give them an even fantastic experience when it came to my website. ”

– Ashley Gold, jewelry designer

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES, SEPTEMBER 20, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ Are you curious to buy a trendy bracelet or a pair of gorgeous earrings that will leave you on the slopes? Celebrity jewelry designer Ashley Gold of AshleyGold.com is launching an augmented reality shopping experience for customers this fall.

Augmented reality has quickly become a popular method for customers to buy essential items online. Leading retailers such as Warby Parker, Target, IKEA and Sephora have adopted the trend technology to interact with the products virtually. Advanced online users can use augmented reality to enjoy makeup, custom glasses or overlay furniture or art in their home.

Ashley Gold is a leader in the jewelry industry. “My customers have enjoyed online shopping for years, but I knew I had to give them an even fantastic experience when they came to my website,” Ashley Gold expressed. “I wanted customers to virtually stock their selected collection of bracelets, earrings and necklaces for women and men through augmented shopping.” Shopping and interacting with augmented reality is easy and fun. Customers can upload a current image with their computer or smartphone camera and overlay the different Ashley Gold collections on their wrists, ears or neck in real time.

Finding the right style of jewelry can be time consuming and frustrating. But by using augmented reality technology, customers are more likely to avoid buyer remorse and delight their retailers with their new purchase. Get rid of guesswork about whether the fine details of a ring, the color of a sleek metal bracelet, or a modern necklace complement your skin tone, fashion sense, or lifestyle. “I love that you can even have your favorite dress and try on a special necklace to make sure it’s what you want before you buy,” Gold said.

Buying gifts online becomes a stress free experience and it is easier to select items that suit the personality and aesthetics of a loved one through augmented reality. Have fun playing disguise with some “glam time” dedicated to shopping online at AshleyGold.com with AR technology without having to leave home, work or your car.

The rise of augmented reality technology in the real world and changes in online shopping have never been so prominent since the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic. When physical shopping became increasingly complicated and posed significant health risks for customers and retailers, contactless shopping alternatives that used augmented reality provided a welcome solution.

The digital world has become more related to everyday life, as the way people communicate, work, shop, and share their lives depends on Internet connectivity and technology. The integration of retail AR technology makes sense, is a natural response to customer needs, drives retail metrics, and streamlines the shopping experience. Technology is evolving and reacting to human interaction, so retailers like Ashley Gold are making moves to be part of the wave.

Augmented reality for shopping is not a passing trend, as many fashion and beauty brands use technology and related platforms, online social media and beyond to drive sales. According to a global Neilsen survey conducted in 2019, 51% of customers expressed interest in using AR and VR when buying products. Both retailers and customers are satisfied with the RA buying experience as it entails more conversions and is satisfactory to use.

Both augmented reality and virtual reality have captured the human imagination for decades. The accessibility of RA technology provides exciting and new ways for shoppers to interact with their favorite products and virtually enjoy immersive experiences.

AR technology brings incredible value to customers, restores confidence that they can get the perfect product and have a pleasant personalized shopping experience. While traveling or at home, AshleyGold.com AR offers comfort, a deeper connection with a brand and allows customers to personalize their trip.

Customers don’t just fall in love with a product at first glance. They want an immersive experience. Buyers want to enjoy rich details about an item, closely examine details and fine craftsmanship and receive a realistic representation of the desired product. Ashley Gold is committed to offering a high online retail therapy session using the power of augmented reality.

Never before had there been so many innovative and immersive ways to connect with customers, receive real-time feedback, and make fans and influencers part of a brand story through technology. As more people continue to spend more time online, the fashion and beauty industry realizes and makes an effort to serve customers and make them feel pampered and valued.

Whether customers can upload a current photo or a live playback to interact with the products when they shop online, RA technology influences the online shopping experience. The fashion and beauty industry continues to drive the envelope. Technology allows retailers to respond better and interact with customers, creating a dynamic e-commerce experience.

Visit Ashley Gold for fine jewelry to enhance your current collection or exquisite gift.

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