Cloud-based virtual reality education platform used to further educate medical students in Japan

The educational platform uses Jolly Good’s Operation Cloud cloud system that offers a virtual view of the procedures live using a 360-degree VR camera. The system is able to automatically save live RV content to a cloud server for learning purposes. WHY IT MATTERS

The pandemic disrupted medical education and medical schools were banned from conducting physical clinical practices to prevent the spread of the disease. Virtual reality technology has been increasingly used in hospitals around the world to offer an innovative approach to medical training.

THE GREATEST TREND For example, in Australia, a critical care VR training platform has been implemented by the new company Vantari VR in four tertiary hospitals, where doctors and young students have to perform from three to five sessions of procedures using the platform before they can perform the actual procedures in patients.

According to a survey conducted by the Japanese Association of Medical Students (Igakuren), medical students said that because of COVID-19, they lost physical examination of patients; making room rounds; attend clinical practice outside the university hospital; and outpatient observation. According to a press release, OPEcloud VR transforms any medical case into VR content, enabling continuing clinical training and providing an immersive experience for students.

The Vantari system includes modules that cover 90% of medical procedures as part of basic physician training; These modules provide steps based on the recommended guidelines of the university.

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  • Cloud-based virtual reality education platform used to further educate medical students in Japan
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