Curebase, AppliedVR partner in multiple VR therapy therapy trials

AppliedVR, NCI partner to evaluate RV as a therapy for cancer-related anxiety, AppliedVR has awarded $ 2.9 million in grants to study virtual reality as an opioid-preventing treatment

What you should know:

– Curebase, a company committed to democratizing access to clinical trials, and AppliedVR, a pioneer in advancing the next generation of digital medicine, today announced a one-year alliance where AppliedVR will deploy the Curebase platform to conduct five clinical trials evaluating the effectiveness of virtual reality-based therapy (VR) in treating chronic pain.

– AppliedVR is the most evidence-based therapeutic RV platform for the treatment of pain and has been used by more than 30,000 patients in more than 240 of the best healthcare systems worldwide. Clinical trials with Curebase will focus on the study of a self-administered VR VR therapy program at home, with Curebase software managing online patient recruitment, consent, participant participation, and the collection of reported results. by the patient. The Curebase platform will also support clinical workflows, including the randomization scheme, research coordinator communication, IP monitoring and coordination of VR headsets, and trial kit distribution.

“Virtual reality has enormous potential to improve and reduce the cost of how we treat chronic pain, while reducing US dependence on pharmacological interventions. Demonstrating that it requires effective clinical trials and Curebase technology provides us with an extremely solution easy to use, highly workflow-oriented, and specialized in digital therapeutic study designs, ”said Josh Sackman, president and co-founder of AppliedVR.“ This gives us confidence that our research participants will have a great experience in being enrolled in our study and reduces the burden for our research staff performing complex decentralized trials. ”

Moving forward, the Curebase platform will help participants in the AppliedVR study each day to comply with research protocols and report basic data on results.

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