Curebase will be associated in VR-based chronic pain clinical trials

Curebase, a company that offers software and support for decentralized testing, has announced a collaboration with virtual reality company AppliedVR, aimed at testing the feasibility of using virtual reality (VR) therapy to treat pain chronic. During the one-year partnership, AppliedVR plans to deploy the Curebase platform to conduct five trials focused on VR therapy for patients with pain.

Tom Lemberg, CEO and founder of Curebase, spoke with Outsourcing-Pharma about the firm’s decentralized testing solutions and details of the partnership for chronic pain with AppliedVR.

OSP: Could you tell us a little bit about Curebase: who you are, what you do, key specialties, and what sets you apart from other companies in this field?

TL: Curebase is a leading software platform and virtual site for decentralized clinical research. The Curebase platform allows any patient and any healthcare provider to be part of a clinical study. This includes the patients ’own doctors, ingenious research providers in community settings, and telemedicine documents.

We are accelerating enrollment and allowing new studio designs with virtually diverse populations, and with community providers in underserved areas. Curebase has unique experience in digital therapy, which has become an important component of all current businesses. Curebase’s unique integrations and APIs allow digital therapy to connect and work in conjunction with Curebase’s clinical workflow.

In addition, Curebase has designed the platform for usability around the study designs on which digital therapeutics are based. Curebase works as a complete eClinical software platform and a virtual search site that can be added to any study, ongoing or just starting out.

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