Cyberdog will play its Cult Camden online store for LFW

LONDON – British fashion label Cyberdog has partnered with immersive virtual reality experience developer Emperia to reproduce and put its cult flagship store Camden online.

Recognized as the world’s first “24-hour virtual reality shopping experience based on a real-life store,” the Cyberdog online store will launch after the brand unveils its planned fashion show on Friday at night.

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Located in a basement of Camden Market in London, Cyberdog has become a destination for partygoers to pick up kitsch radish dresses or playful souvenirs whenever possible. About 1.2 million people visited the store annually before COVID-19, according to Terry Davy, creative director of Cyberdog.

Davy said the online store aims to preserve “the human connection that music brings,” despite the impact of the pandemic.

The new online store “is so central to what Cyberdog was created for. It was also heartbreaking to think that the experience of visiting the Cyberdog mother ship store, which so many people love, would be closed. So I thought about how we could offer some of this experience, even if it wasn’t possible to visit the store in real life. ”

He added: “The idea of ​​making a virtual representation of the store was born and I implemented the plan. We were soon hosting our virtual radishes within Sansar in virtual reality and interactively in Zoom with real life participants.

“Behind the scenes, we were also preparing the 24-hour virtual reality shopping experience and other innovative ideas while the store was closed. As we produce our clothes in London, we were able to make clothes on demand and we also launched Cyberlab, a new customizable section of our website, ”he said.

Olga Dogadkina, CEO of Imperia, said the new virtual experience not only extends the brand’s presence beyond its physical commercial space, but also takes advantage of Cyberdog’s natural target audience, “allowing users to enjoy from this unique shopping experience from the comfort of your home. ”

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