Dark Slope Studios launches a paid virtual production scholarship

In an announcement by CEO Raja Khanna at the Banff World Media Festival, a Toronto-based virtual production and metaverse game company, Dark Slope Studios, has launched a new virtual production grant. The studio will begin accepting format presentations on Monday, July 19, 2021.

Applicants are asked to submit a brief proposal with a serial idea that balances innovative production techniques with compelling visionary counters and concepts that blur the line between the real world and the digital world. The study seeks concepts that introduce virtual reality experiences into conventional linear television programs, make use of deep false facial tracking elements, or combine LED display and the integration of virtual production into a new, unique television content format. original.

All applications will be reviewed and three finalists will be selected. All proposals will be considered and up to three concepts will be awarded CAD $ 5,000 and the opportunity to negotiate a development agreement with Dark Slope Studios. The company will work in collaboration with the creators, providing mentoring and guidance on the development of the series to bring these concepts from idea to reality.

The award is given to the best ideas, according to Dark Slope and its evaluators. The creator will retain all rights. Dark Slope Studios will secure a first right of negotiation for 6 months for the project. Additional information is available here. Presentations will open on July 19th.

“We’re looking for ideas that appeal to a global audience,” commented Dark Slope Studios president Dan Fill. “We are an agile, constantly evolving company with strong industry roots and want to support the next generation of talent by providing experienced guidance in an environment that encourages experimentation.”

Dark Slope Studios Flex KS’s patented production pipeline integrates a combination of body and facial motion tracking while leveraging the use of LED screens and video projections for realistic shooting environments, while keeping the screen green. for hyperreality VFX. It uses the real-time power of Epic’s unreal game engine to create animation, effective effects, real-time integrated live action, and game world content.

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