Dates of the Mobile World Congress 2021: largest mobile technology event to date, from Samsung to Lenovo, this is what to expect

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) kicks off tomorrow, which means the biggest mobile event of the year will start in less than 24 hours. Each year, MWC hosts manufacturers of various popular smartphones and tablets, as well as advertising and networking technologies such as 5G connectivity. The annual conference also covers various aspects related to mobile devices, such as virtual reality (VR) and smart wearables. New announcements and possible product launches from companies such as Samsung, Lenovo and Intel are expected.

Here’s what you need to know about this year’s MWC event and how you can keep track of all developments as they happen.

How to virtually attend the Mobile World Congress 2021

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MWC 2021 will be a hybrid between a face-to-face event and a series of virtual announcements, so viewers who can’t travel to the site due to the pandemic can tune in from the comfort of their home. They will have to buy a virtual season ticket that costs € 438.90 (approximately 38,900), after which they will be able to tune in to all events.

You can also stay tuned for our coverage of all event announcements.

What to expect from Samsung at the Mobile World Congress 2021?

One of Samsung’s biggest expectations at MWC 2021 is the announcement of a new Galaxy Watch, which will likely be the first smartwatch launched by the Korean company since Google announced that the two companies have partnered to working together on WearOS. While we can expect to see an announcement about the rumored Galaxy Watch 4, there isn’t much to indicate that Samsung will announce a new phone at the company’s virtual event that starts tomorrow.

What to expect from Lenovo at the Mobile World Congress 2021 event?

Another brand that has confirmed that it will attend the MWC 2021, is likely that the Chinese company will make mobile-related announcements on June 28: the company has already launched laptops and Chromebooks since June 23, but it looks like there would be more ads in the way.

Intel announcements at the Mobile World Congress

Intel has been promoting its 5G connectivity capabilities recently and the company has been working on several improvements to its chips that can be used even on laptops. Intel could announce some 5G-enabled devices or chipsets tomorrow, June 28, along with other advances in the emerging connectivity standard.

Brands that will not be attending the Mobile World Congress 2021 event

According to reports, some brands have withdrawn from the MWC 2021 event. These include Google, Xiaomi, Nokia, Sony and even Facebook. While we are unlikely to see announcements from these companies, they may still make their own announcements about upcoming innovations or features in the coming days.

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