Deadmau5 finally reveals the virtual reality game project “Oberhasli”

Deadmau5 finally reveals the virtual reality game project “Oberhasli”

The iconic star of Canadian music deadmau5 has revealed his latest project; a new virtual reality game called Oberhasli, which after trying it for quite some time, will see the light on October 14th through Basic games.

This isn’t the first time deadmau5 has been involved in virtual reality games and it sure won’t be the last. The charismatic producer will present this new game that will mainly show a constantly evolving digital world of concerts, games, exclusive music, social experiences, environments and much more in order to better relate to artists. The idea of ​​this project is for deadmau5 to demonstrate the artists ’own visions and not just adhere to the performance.

In a press release, deadmau5 said the following:

Creating a world like Oberhasli has been a vision of mine for years, but I quickly discovered how daunting it can be to create a multiplayer experience as a solo developer … The amazing thing about Core is that anyone can come in and create content independently of experience or resources. We’ve seen virtual gigs in the past, but after taking a look, they disappeared; there is no shelf life. With Oberhasli, I want to create a permanent mainstay for artists ’metaverse, updating it regularly over time, changing things, and keeping it cohesive with real-world news and ancillary events.

While the co-founder and CEO of Manticore games, Frederic Descamps he said:

We are very excited to be working with deadmau5 again to bring this truly innovative vision to life … We believe that Metaverse will be built by thousands of creators, game creators and artists who can share unique interactive experiences with their audience and generate revenue from the his work. Oberhasli is not a sponsored marketing trick: it is a persistent home for all deadmau5 things within Core.

A revolutionary idea led by the only deadmau5, who will also perform on the day Oberhasli is released.

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