Details of the Splendor XR virtual reality festival

The full two-day experience costs $ 35 or $ 20 a day, which met the organizers’ goal of “being cheap and affordable,” says co-producer Splendor in the Grass. Jessica Ducrou, which develops this year’s event with co-producer Paul Piticco. “We wanted to recreate the festival as it exists in real life. People who have been will be able to connect with the space, their memories and their experiences, and people who haven’t been, will be able to see what it looks like.”

Ducrou describes the festival as an extended reality, taking what fans are used to living online and increasing realism through virtual reality headphones and space sound, noting that “it’s more than watching a stream: it’s an immersive and connected experience for a community “.

Attendees can even customize their festival look with technology from Marvelous Designer, a fashion software that allows users to design clothes for their avatars, create their own schedule, travel from stage to stage, and gather. and party with friends and strangers. In PC or VR mode, avatars from around the world can talk and connect with each other as if they were at the live event live, allowing for natural voice conversations that fall into the distance and emulate real life.

Vance Joy will perform his set on top of a Barcelona building designed by Spanish architect Atoni Gaudi, while other acts will be performed on a green screen and appear in a representation of the Splendor stage. “It’s really an interpretation of how the artist wants to appear,” Ducrou explained.

There’s a stand-up comedy shop, a children’s area called Little Spendour, and an online medical center to help clients with mental health suffer. Fans can teleport from stage to stage to see artists perform in a variety of settings and see live performances from 70 different camera angles, or discuss the festival at the Splendor Forum and participate in panels and interviews on music issues, culture and lifestyle.

Single-user tickets are available starting at $ 19.99 for a single day and $ 34.99 for both days, with a $ 2.50 discount for existing IRL Splendor in ticket holders. the Grass. Splendor XR will operate worldwide in a single time zone, from 12 noon to 2 am AEST (Australian Standard Time) (GMT +11) scheduled from 2 pm. All video content will be available for seven days after the event. Available on any device via PC, mobile, browser and VR (HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Valve Index).

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