Dominic Monaghan will star in the VR drama Dark Threads for Cream Productions – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: Cream Productions, the Canadian producer behind series including CNN’s The story of the night, moves towards virtual reality.

The company launches a science fiction drama in virtual reality Dark threads, a fully interactive experience that allows players to embark on a fantastic journey of awareness.

The series will feature the avatar of Lost i lord of the Rings will star Monaghan and see players fall into a near-future environment to represent their personal narratives. Their memories are gone, so they have to gather the clues with the help of a charitable AI.

From Battlestar Galactica Kandyse McClure also appears in the series, which will be released on July 22 and will be available for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Dark threads is funded by the Canada Media Fund, Ontario Creates and Cream Productions. Executive producers include David Brady, Kate Harrison Karman, Dominic Monaghan, Johnny Kalangis, Andrew MacDonald, Dan Magnus and Tristan Cezair.

It marks the company’s first foray into interactive drama production and also features several talented virtual reality and augmented reality (RA) projects in development and production such as Eli Roth and adventurer Les Stroud.

Dark threads it’s a virtual reality adventure that forces players to consider the essence of consciousness, altruism, cruelty and life itself, “says Johnny Kalangis, head of Digital at Cream.” The experience is like a series of multiple choice scripts with three clearly mysterious endings, each option directly affecting the ending “.

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