EMaine of Maine through virtual reality training for emergency care

Maine EMS uses virtual reality headsets as a training method to recognize serious illnesses in infants and children, said Shannon Moss, head of public information for the Maine Department of Public Safety.

Headphones will be a way for technicians to practice life-saving skills and apply training to real-life situations.

Virtual reality headsets are funded with a grant to purchase Health Scholars Pediatric Emergency Assessment ™ VR. In training, EMS clinicians and hospital staff work in a virtual reality that mimics a real-life emergency. They must determine the best care in the virtual situation by giving voice commands. Participants are presented in scenarios to adequately assess emergencies involving infants and children.

Marc Minkler, director of the EMS program for children in Maine, said: “Pediatric patients represent a more vulnerable part of our population. The use of virtual reality allows EMS and hospital providers across the state of Maine to improve the decision-making process and treatment. We can simulate the appearance, environment and stress of a sick child in a way never used before, all to improve the ability of emergency services to care for the child in an emergency.

On its Facebook page, the main EMS said they have received 5 Oculus virtual reality headsets that work very similarly to a smartphone. The oculus is the device and Health Pediatric Emergency Assessment ™ VR is the app, Maine told EMS. The training will be available for Maine EMS services throughout the state of Maine.

For more information, you can contact Marc Minkle at marc.a.minkler@maine.gov.

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