Embracer Group announces the acquisition of eight studios, including 3D Realms

The Embracer group is certainly very greedy. THQ parent company Nordic, Saber Interactive and even Gearbox announced this week the acquisition of eight new studios. Newly acquired development teams are very diverse, from mobile to virtual reality, including independent titles. Among these studies, we find in particular 3D Worlds, responsible for the famous series Duc Nukem. The possibility of finding out that the company currently has six dark projects is underway.

List and future of the studies involved

  • Mons 3D : The studio will continue to work on these projects and no interruptions are expected.
  • Spli Jet Steel Works : The Danish developer will join Saber Interactive.
  • DigixArt : Currently at work Highway 96French studio – Lost in harmony, 11-11 memories are recounted It will now be under the control of the publishing brand Koch Media.
  • force field A specialist in virtual reality, the team will also join Koch Media and work with Vertigo Games, which already belongs to the group, on virtual reality games.
  • Easy operator : Developers of 2D features persecution Join the ranks of Coffee Stain Studios
  • ghost boat games : the study behind Deep Rock GalacticHe also joined Coffee Stain. Studies
  • Crazy Labs : Specializes in mobile games with your credit super designerCrazyLabs joins DECA Games and will continue to work in the field of your choice
  • Grimfrost : Company that sells products related to the Vikings online

To date Embracer has more than 8000 employees and 70 studios worldwide. The strategy of creating independent operating groups, such as THQ Nordic or Koch Media, continues. These different transactions are perfectly suited to this goal and aim to strengthen these entities. The different amounts of the transactions are not disclosed.

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