Emotions on Wheels: Holoride’s Extended Reality

The wider adoption of 5G technology will also allow the design of more efficient headphones for XR multimedia experiences, Wollny said. “It will take a lot of the [computing] turn off the device and have it on the edge or in the cloud and it will be transmitted to the device. Then those [headsets] it can be lighter, more comfortable, thinner, easier to carry. “

A key component of Holoride’s strategy, with the expansion of 5G, is a revenue-sharing partnership with content developers, which gives them access to Holoride’s elastic SDK, the set of tools that empowers the company’s media platform. In May, Holoride announced that it will integrate non-consumable tokens (NFTs), a type of digital ownership certificate, into its multimedia platform, using blockchain technology to assure its automotive and content partners that revenue is distributed just.

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