Ericsson 5G increases Glanbia’s manufacturing efficiency

The 5G indoor network, within the multi-purpose dairy processing plant at Glanbia Ireland’s facilities in Ballyragget, County Kilkenny, will provide improved 5G indoor coverage, low latency connectivity and improved data security at the plant Glanbia’s largest Irish. The 5G solution will allow for faster and more accurate maintenance tasks and provide a richer analysis of plant processes, helping to reduce manual administration and increase manufacturing efficiency.

The industry-leading Ericsson Radio Dot system will provide 5G radio coverage and, combined with Three Ireland’s 5G spectrum, Glanbia will test custom 5G use cases, including augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality applications. (VR), and will see how 5G can provide enhanced internal connectivity for its wider production facilities.

John Griffin, CEO of Ericsson Ireland, said: “5G offers the greatest potential platform for innovation and this exciting strategic partnership between Three Ireland, Ericsson and Glanbia will unlock the real value of Industry 4.0 for Ireland’s industrial sector. From enabling a genuine digital transformation to helping to increase productivity and create operational efficiencies, 5G can provide the basis for Ireland to revolutionize critical industries and lead the way for future innovation and economic growth. “

Said Karl Duffy, head of business and public sector at Three Ireland: “The opportunities and ideas as 5G can provide organizations and sectors is really exciting for us at Three Ireland, which offers a real shift from 4G. We look forward to working with Glanbia Ireland and Ericsson on this initiative. This is the first indoor 5G network of its kind in Ireland and will offer real efficiencies for Glanbia. There is an opportunity for companies of all sizes to create a pilot and scale over time. The companies that act now will obtain an advantage of first engine inside his sector that cannot underestimate ”.

Brian Farrell, engineering manager for Glanbia Ireland, Ballyragget, said: “We are delighted to be involved in this innovative initiative with Three Ireland and Ericsson. It allows us to bring to life some of the first learnings of our participation in an EU-funded 5G Horizon 2020 project. It highlights the importance of networks as a facilitator of digital industrial transformation and will accelerate the testing and adoption of some innovative Industry 4.0 use cases for us. ”

Ericsson and Three Ireland launched 5G together in 2020 and this next stage of their strong partnership will demonstrate how 5G can be used in Irish manufacturing to develop later business use cases, which over time can be applied to various sectors. . Both companies are already working together to develop next-generation 5G consumer use cases through the global Ericsson Startup 5G program.


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