explore “the revolt,” an immersive work of architecture curated by six n. five

sis n. five reveals “the revolt,” a digital work of architecture conceived in meticulous detail. the studio began the immersive project in early 2020 to push its limits and create a new way to experience space. the play comprises a three-minute video of the two-story house, made entirely in CGI animation, which can be explored in virtual reality via an ocular headset. while space is calculated and immaculate, some household objects have revolted, escaping their role. the amazing company was a new experience for the team, who comments:it wasn’t easy, he died and revived many times, but he’s already here!

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empty and immaculate, “the revolt” for six n. five is a measured and calculated space, interrupted by a collection of animated and revolting objects. these escaping objects occupy the house which is otherwise filled with furniture placed intentionally and meticulously; useless, the work celebrates softness and perfection. the revolt contrasts calm, perfection and light-filled interiors. used, set aside, and hidden as if shameful, the revolted objects burst into the aseptic landscape and take it by storm. sis n. five elaborations:once worthy of a class struggle, where a useful minority rebels against the claim and proposes to overthrow its symbols. “

six n five revolt

sis n. five comments on the spirit of the revolt:hidden behind the history of this revolution, like the objects that rebel, there is a parallel with our present days: was it digital art that was hidden, forgotten, hidden and avoided? surely not by artistic or functional criteria, but by the fact that his works, created with digital tools, do not meet the demanding standards of the physical and tangible world. the paradigm shift towards digital media may have had some influence and perhaps we are also facing a new revolution. What if this revolution has already begun with the NFT?

six n five revolt

the team continues:in the face of the growing popularity of cryptoart, will it change the value or importance of material art? what happens now that digital art is a currency, a testimony? in this way, the revolt shows two types of revolutions: one of material objects and the other of art, since the short film is a piece of digital art that tells the story at once against tangible things of range high.. “

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