Facebook and Ray-Ban mock the announcement of the smart glasses on September 9th

Facebook and Ray-Ban are mocking an announcement about their upcoming smart glasses on September 9th. Ray-Ban posted a promotional page with the silhouette of a pair of glasses, the date “09.09.2021” and the text “register now to receive the launch notification”, although it does not specify if this is news About the version or the version itself. Ray-Ban’s home page also promises that “this is a story you’ll want to follow,” plausibly a reference to Facebook Stories.

The ad matches some apparent videos of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s teaser, and virtual and augmented reality boss Andrew Bosworth. The posts show video clips of Bosworth and Zuckerberg from the point of view, including Bosworth playing golf and Zuckerberg paddling on a boat, all seemingly designed to highlight physically active and all-weather scenarios.

Facebook has called its glasses, developed in collaboration with parent company Ray-Ban EssilorLuxottica, a step towards “full augmented reality glasses.” Zuckerberg confirmed in July that the glasses would be Facebook’s next hardware release, though he did not announce a date at that time. He specified that the glasses “would have [Ray-Ban’s] iconic form factor and allow you to do some pretty neat things “.

Glasses are part of a larger Facebook initiative to build glasses that enhance the world visually and aurally. But they will not have features that are often associated with RA glasses such as the ability to project images into the environment. Facebook is also likely to save its neural wristband technology (which it sees as the future of AR interaction) for a later version.

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