Facebook and Zoom join forces to create the Work From Home virtual reality solution

Last month, Facebook launched its new virtual reality office meeting software, Horizon Workrooms, to enable the virtual reality (VR) experience to work from home. The first version would work with Oculus devices that are not yet widely used. Now Facebook has announced that it is partnering with Zoom to integrate Workrooms even more deeply into daily workflows, starting next year.

Regardless of the physical distance, people will be able to gather in the workrooms and feel like they are together in the same room. With immersive features such as avatars and 3D space audio and the ability to access the computer and keyboard seamlessly from VR, Workrooms is designed to enhance the team’s ability to collaborate, communicate, and communicate. if and connect. And starting next year, Facebook will take Workrooms to the next level, allowing users to easily join Zoom Meetings and use the Zoom whiteboard from VR.

The new product is another sign that Facebook is investing heavily in its VR-AR-filled “meta-verse,” which CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently described as an “embodied Internet” where people communicate through digital representations. of herself. Facebook recently set up an executive team to build the meta-verse, and last March, nearly a fifth of the company worked in AR or VR, according to recent media reports.

How Workrooms Works

When you’re in a Horizon Workrooms meeting, the idea is to have the feeling of being in the same physical space as the other people in the room.

IOL Tech the team has not yet tested the product, but from what we know of the demonstration videos and Facebook product descriptions, participants are expected to experience a kind of “mixed reality” that combines aspects of the virtual world with the real, for example, you can still type on your computer keyboard and register it in the simulated meeting room.

Once in the meeting room, you can do everything you would in a regular video conference, but with some improvements. For example, you can collaborate on a virtual whiteboard, which you can type using hand gestures (followed by Oculus headphones) or an Oculus handheld controller.

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