Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ: FB) – Fintech Spotlight: Axis-Z brings commercial reality to the trade

Key Behavior: For a few hundred dollars, retailers can grab Oculus VR headsets and operate from anywhere. VR workspaces can be customized and offer retailers a unique way to reduce equipment costs.

Benzinga, a leading news and data provider, will hold its annual Benzinga Global Fintech Awards, a day of negotiation, networking and recognition in the financial technology space, on November 11, 2021.

The event will reward Benzinga Listmakers, the best companies in Benzinga’s global Fintech index, for innovation as well as for merging the best of finance and technology.

In recognition of those disruptive innovators who created positive and diverse changes within the financial services space, Benzinga spoke with the CEO of Axis-Z Rasim Muradov, CTO Dmitri Lapchinski, COO Gary Carter and CGO Jakub Makowski.

Axis-Z virtual reality: Virtual reality, commonly known as VR, is taking the world by storm.

According to the founders of Axis-Z, they want to be the first engines in the virtual reality commerce space.

Muradov, with a business background, said for years he looked for better and more efficient ways to see markets at work and on the move.

“I found myself adding more and more screens because of the need for information,” the CEO said in a discussion about his remote business struggles. “I was on vacation with my laptop and I couldn’t change.”

After the trip gave him the idea to bring VR into the bargain and create portable and unlimited workspaces, Muradov founded Axis-Z with partners Lapchinski, Carter and Makowski.

“Professional day traders need to have a lot of screens,” Lapchinski added in reference to Axis-Z coming to market at a good time. “The average number is six and these configurations are obviously expensive and not portable.”

Virtual reality is increasing. In fact, Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ: FB) The strongest hardware business is its Oculus VR headset range, which are compatible with Axis-Z technology.

“Axis-Z is absolutely compatible without any issues,” the CTO noted. “The resolution is good enough to show a lot of information (charts and useful market data) that traders need.”

Recent developments for Axis-Z: When it comes to improving the performance of traders, Axis-Z leverages recent trends in virtual reality and provides three-dimensional ways to analyze and market global markets.

“In virtual reality, you have three dimensions, while any other trading platform that has existed so far is two-dimensional,” Carter said.

“We also have the depth dimension (the third dimension) that we will take advantage of with some tools and features that traders would not have seen before.”

Currently, Axis-Z wants to pilot its offer with a select group of traders. These merchants will be able to pull out graphics and news feeds, for example, as well as connect to existing brokerage accounts in a workspace that is portable and unlimited, as well as without distractions or destruction.

“Traders can, for example, execute orders through manual movements and data visualization,” Muradov said. “Instead of choosing the type of order, will have a shortcut and the keys of direct access will build in the joystick. If you swipe your finger, for example, it’s an instant buy or sell. “

Roadmap, innovation perspectives: Axis-Z is dead when it first moves through space.

“We work a lot on researching completely new user experiences,” Lapchinski, a video producer and veteran of VR technology, told Benzinga.

Makowski, who has experience in growing companies, added: “What Axis-Z is all about is rebuilding this business experience from scratch, but making sure we keep all the good ones and family.”

Currently, Axis-Z is about a year away from having a marketable product. To bolster growth and develop an ecosystem, the company seeks to raise funds through a strategic partner as soon as possible to capitalize on the industry’s 30% compound annual growth rate, the founders said.

“We believe that institutions will be able to replace the entire negotiating floor because they will still be able, even when working remotely, to use voice communication and share real workspaces,” Lapchinski concluded. “These key features will help us go viral.”

For more information on product testing with Axis-Z, click here.

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