Facebook to test ads on virtual reality headsets Business

Facebook Inc. is expected to start testing ads on its virtual reality headsets, a move that could mostly benefit the company in monetary terms. Because you earn more than 97% of your ad revenue, your expected returns are high.

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Initially, the company will start testing with a few selective apps, and then make the ads available on the Oculus platform and the mobile app upon receiving feedback from developers. The ads will start appearing in the Balston game, and other developers will post similar ads. Facebook is also testing new “virtual reality-exclusive” ad formats.

Shortly after Facebook bought Oculus in 2017, creator Palmer Lucy said, “We won’t track you, we won’t flash ads or do anything invasive.”

However, in a blog on the Oculus website, it says “We are exploring new ways for developers to generate revenue – this is a key part of ensuring that we are creating a self-sustaining platform that can support a variety of unlockable business models. new types of content and audiences “.

If users don’t want to see ads from a particular advertiser, they can hide those specific ads. Facebook has assured that its privacy policy will remain the same. Facebook has said it will not use locally processed and stored information on headphones or motion data to target ads.

“Facebook will get new information, such as if you interacted with an ad and, if so, how … for example, if you clicked on the ad for more information or if you hid it,” the blog states.

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