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Facebook in 2014 took a step out of its social media space by acquiring Oculus to be its market leader in virtual reality. With huge leaps in that direction, Facebook has pooled a wealth of monetary and non-monetary resources toward research and development on Oculus over time. Finally, it looks like it is paying its dividends due, as it is set that Oculus and its VR range will be sustainable and profitable for developers.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg set the number of 10 million users for a virtual reality program to be successful in 2019 at the Oculus Connect conference as part of the Key Note Speech. He also announced the launch of the Oculus Quest headphones as a new operation in the same speech. The difference between the standard VR sets and the Oculus Quest revolves around Oculus, which is an independent search system, while other VRs are connected to computer systems for operation. There has been significant development in the standalone system in the last 2 years and Facebook’s Oculus Research and Development department, also known as Facebook Virtual Reality Labs, is at the forefront of the leap.

In the two years since the launch of Oculus Quest, Facebook has launched Oculus Quest 2 and has recently been running around the world as the leading model of virtual reality headset. In other words, Facebook’s all-important milestone of 10 million users could be closer than it looks. We got to know the development of the structure more closely in a conversation with the president of the virtual reality labs, Andrew Bosworth on Instagram, in a Ask me anything live session.

Bosworth, in response to a question asking about the user milestone, refrained from giving a definite answer and commented that the initial deadline for the milestone is far from over and that it is expected to be completed sooner. in a convincing way. Mark Zuckerberg made a similar statement in January about the Oculus Quest 2 becoming the most widely used VR set. Unofficial figures equate to about 4 million Oculus Quest 2 headphones being shipped to the United States. With sales of the original Oculus Quest, it can be assumed that the number would definitely arrive sooner than expected and also with a bang.

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