Facebook’s weird “step back” virtual reality headphones want to show your eyes

Facebook unveiled a new experimental concept of reverse VR realization that shows the eyes of users wearing virtual reality headsets in the outside world and aims to reshape the social connection between the real and the virtual world.

Facebook Reality Labs (FRL) will present the new concept of “social co-presence” while in virtual reality at the SIGGRAPH 2021 event taking place this August. The research team’s blog post gives us a look at the development so far and is giving science fiction vibes similar to The 6th Day.

(Image credit: Facebook Research)

The reverse passsthrough VR prototype works in contrast to what Oculus Quest can do with Passthrough +, which uses external cameras to help users with VR headsets see their real-world environment. Instead of an external environment, the prototype shows its eyes to the outside world.

Using microlens array light field screens, a floating 3D image shows the user’s eyes “showing the right perspective for various external readers”. This means that the images change perfectly, so that no matter where someone is looking at the user, the light field screen will offer a natural looking image of the user’s eyes.

Facebook wants social co-presence in virtual reality

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