Fantastic Four’s anti-Galactus suit makes Iron Man look like an amateur

The anti-Galactus suit of the Fantastic Four is more powerful than even the largest armor of Iron Man, destined to literally punch the World Eater.

If there’s one thing Tony Stark does better than anyone, it’s special design Iron man adapts to take out specific villains and yet all his genius has never built anything as impressive as the Fantastic fouris anti-Galactus Suit: An imposing mechanic designed to face the world-eater himself. The dress appears in Fantastic four # 557, by Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch, and at the time of the story was literally the most dangerous weapon on planet Earth.

A vital presence in the Marvel Universe – leading the current reality to its next form and often taking up arms against large-scale threats – Galactus is a long-standing enemy of the Fantastic Four, who initially agreed to forgive the Earth thanks to the heroics team efforts (with unprecedented help from Uatu the Watcher.) Of course, things always change in the Marvel Universe and the Fantastic Four have faced Galactus again many times, sometimes as an antagonist and , sometimes as an ally against more chaotic evils. That’s why Reed Richards (also known as Mister Fantastic) has never stopped finding ways to defend himself from the World Eater, and the anti-Galactus suit could be his biggest.

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The Anti-Galactus suit has never been used against Galactus, who has generally fulfilled his promise to refrain from destroying the home planet of the Fantastic Four. However, Fantastic four # 557 he sees Reed board the mechanic to fight CAP: a “Preserve and Protect” robot that spins the Earth on a mission to destroy every weapon imaginable. CAP was designed as the watchdog of Nu-World, a parallel reality created by a radical group of scientists with the intention of escaping the inevitable death of Earth. Although CAP intended to prevent the invention or use of weapons in Nu-World, the robot’s AI accidentally learns about Earth, which triggers its basic programming to attack it. To prevent the CAP from going too far, Mister Fantastic activates the Anti-Galactus suit, knowing that the CAP will not be able to resist making a line for the most powerful weapon on the planet.

Fantastic Four Anti-galactus suit

While not as dangerous as Galactus, CAP is no transfer, designed by a team of the world’s greatest scientists. Earth Heroes tries to stop CAP, but the super advanced robot defeats forty of the most powerful Avengers and X-Men in a huge combined fight, showing the incredible threat it poses if allowed to run free. After realizing that CAP can’t hurt him directly thanks to the code implemented by Alyssa Castle (one of the architects of Nu-World and an old flame of Mister Fantastic), Reed removes CAP with a single blow from the Anti- Galactus, a large shock wave coming out of the force of the collision.

Fantastic Four Galactus Anti-Galactus Dress

Mister Fantastic quickly turns off the Anti-Galactus suit, revealing that due to its massive power consumption, it costs a million dollars per second to run. The Anti-Galactus suit has limited utility, eats resources at an alarming rate, and requires a great deal of support staff to run, but Mister Fantastic makes it clear that its destructive potential is greater than any nuclear weapon, even if Reed admits certain features, such as the Galactus-style helmet, are just there to look great.

Hopefully, comic book fans will one day be able to see how the Fantastic Four test the Anti-Galactus suit against Galactus himself, but while Mr. Fantastic’s inventions may have unexpected consequences, they usually do what they set out to do, suggesting that this imposing mech is really capable of defeating the World Eater in a first fight. Although Iron Man has been able to hijack or modify existing costumes such as Godkiller Armor and a Dead Celestial, and conceived the ultra-powerful Godbuster Armor in virtual reality, he has yet to build anything equal to Fantastic fourThe anti-Galactus suit: a fact that probably keeps the selfish genius Tony Stark awake at night, even though everyone sleeps soundly knowing that Mister Fantastic is ready. Galactus never come back.

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