Features to prevent Apple Glass users from encountering real-life objects along with tamper-proof camera indicators are likely to come along with Apple’s AR / Digital Information World headphones

Augmented reality portable devices are the new step of modern technology. Virtual reality devices have been around for a long time and are famous among gamers, but now is the time to introduce augmented reality in the form of glasses.

Apple is a technology giant is always ready to get involved in innovating these devices. Lately they have been working on their own device to show augmented reality and have dubbed it Apple Glass. It is believed that these Apple Glass will have a massive impact on everyone. Since AR devices will be manufactured with the same concept as a VR device, and in light of articles published by Apple Insider, Apple can be expected to have studied these VR devices in depth and the results of these studies will be visible in the your product.

Apple is focusing on solving two major problems that come with glasses. As expected from the technology giant, these two issues are related to user security. The first problem is to make sure that while Apple Glass is activated, the user will not run into anyone or anything in real life. The other issue is that while the camera is on or a video is being recorded, people around you stay up to date, so if someone tries to record something without approval they can’t.

Starting with crash protection against anything, Apple has decided to put a line that will divide the real world from the virtual world. They will achieve this by adding images of the surroundings to the RA device. This will give the user an idea of ​​the environment. The concept behind this is similar to the operation of the proximity sensor in a car. An image will be displayed to the user whenever they approach a nearby object.

According to Apple, inserting images of nearby objects is an initiative to ensure safety in the event of any accident. The company thanked the team for making this possible, but even suggested other ways to achieve this, including adding speakers along with an opaque screen or also using optical reflectors or perhaps a combination.

The developers are not only working to insert the images, but are also working on how the image will be displayed. For example, if the image is too large, it can impact the user experience in both the RA world and the real world. They are also working on how quickly the image will adapt to the movement of an object. As if giving a ball about to aim, it will work accordingly in the same way as the reality in which as the ball moves away from the user, the size of it will decrease. This is how Apple plans to provide a safe experience for its Apple Glass users.

The other issue is to ensure the safety of people around an Apple Glass user. This will be done by communicating to people when the camera is recording them. This feature is already present in the MacBook Pro, where every time the camera is recording something, a white light is turned on at the back to let others know. However, this light can be covered with duct tape. That’s why they take a step forward for Apple Glass. Developers are working on features that do not allow anyone to manipulate external indicators while recording a video. And in case anyone tries to manipulate it, the video will stop recording.

Apple has introduced ways that can prevent anyone from manipulating indicators. One is if the LED indicators light up during recording and someone tries to manipulate them and the system cannot recognize the pattern, the video recording will stop. Another possible method is to use a foreign key. This key will not only inform others when they are being recorded, simultaneously if the key is not detected, video recording will not proceed.

It remains to be seen which feature the company will select to prevent someone from registering others without their consent, but Apple can be expected to bring an innovative device that will change a lot for everyone.

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