FilmSharks sells “Virtual Reality”, “Bandit Love”, “Macabre”

The sales and production company of Buenos Aires FilmSharks International has reached several agreements with South Korea, France and Italy in recent days.

South Korean independent film distributor Bluelable Pictures has obtained all the rights to the erotic thriller “Bandit Love” and is planning a major film release. He also obtained the rights to “Ghosting Gloria,” the Uruguayan supernatural erotic comedy, from which FilmSharks obtained all sales and remake rights in June last year.

“FilmSharks brings the best South American films to all markets; I will continue to present such outstanding and dynamic South American films to the Korean audience, ”said Won Young Choi of Bluelable.

Separately, Laon-I Distribution, one of the most active Korean buyers of Asian and genre titles, has obtained all Korean rights to FilmShark’s Argentine science fiction horror title, “Virtual Reality,” after its world premiere in the international film of Puchon Festival (PiFan) and before its European premiere in Sitges, the most outstanding fantasy film festival in October. He also won rights to another FilmSharks title, Mexican box office hit “Come Play With Me” the supernatural horror image produced by the Mexican Videocine and Lemon films.

Directed by Hernan Findling, “Virtual Reality” acts on a group of actors and teams when they are at their director’s house to see a first cut of the film they just worked on. However, they soon find out that the director has struck a Faustian pact with an AI program that will guarantee his success but put his lives in grave danger. FilmSharks also just sold Cinecolor films for release in Colombia in February next year.

“Several genres are very much alive for global sales, but there is a great appetite for quality cinema in genres like horror, suspense and thriller,” said Guido Rud, founder and CEO of FilmSharks.

The death of God

In the old continent, Koch Media, the first fully integrated indie media company in Europe, has obtained all the Italian rights to the documentary about the football icon, Diego Maradona, “The Death of God”, to which FilmSharks went get worldwide sales rights at the Berlinale. Doc shows the impact of the superstar on the legendary player as he took on increasingly destructive behavior and had up to ten illegitimate children, some of whom he never recognized.

A pan-American deal for the document with one of the world’s largest entertainment companies has been blocked and will be released soon, said Rud, who added that talks are also underway with buyers in the U.S. and other key territories. .

Meanwhile, Koba Films has acquired all the rights to the French-speaking Europe of Marcos Prado’s “Macabre”, one of the greatest suspense thrillers he has shot in Latin America. It is endorsed by the producers of “Elite Squad”, the Brazilian Zazen Prods, the producer of the director of “Elite Squad”, Jose Padilha and Prado. “Macabre” was co-produced by Disney / Fox Brazil, Globo Films and Querosene Films, based in São Paolo. The police thriller is based on the true story of the Necrophil brothers, who died in a strip of women in Brazil in the 1990s.

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Virtual reality
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